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Default Upgrading current computer

Right, i am currently on a wireless network. I have a network card which is getting signals from the router. The downstairs computer which is connected to the internet is running at 4mbps.
I understand, that my computer isnt going to run as fast as the downstairs one because im on wireless. Even though they are both 1.80 ghz, the wired computer seems a lot faster.

I would like to know what i could buy to make my ( wireless ) computer better. Here are my specs.
Amd sempron 3100 + 1.81ghz
222mb ram
NVIDIA Gforce 6100 graphics card ( it was under display in dxdiag, didnt say graphics but)
Realtech ac97 audio
I have an emachines 15 inch flat moniter ( would love an ace widescreen moniter)
Small rubbish speakers which came with computer and are not very loud.

Now i would love some upgrades of all them, but dont have a clue. I also need some verbatim dvd -r discs for ps2 backing up and a packet of 50 cds. Cheap but as good as possible.

I dont want to spend spend spend. This would all be christmas presents. I am going to say about £200, whatever i can get for that is great.

I will be using this computer for downloading with bitcomet mostly. Today i got a 215kbps average on a 1.5gb file. I would love to get better download speeds.
I have a belkin high speed mode wireless G desktop network card and a wireless G router which is also belkin.
They are both capable of running 125mbps which is 2.4ghz it says on the front.
My wireless network connection and belkin symbol mostly always say running at 125 mbps. I did a speed test and got on my computer the wireless one i got 3926 kbps dl speed. For uploading, it stayed on 393.7 for ages and then right at the end it stayed at 246.2 kbps.
On the wired computer i got 4056 kbps download speed and 394.1 kbps upload speed.


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The #1 upgrade would be memory (RAM), and a DVD burner.

But defeniltely RAM would be a #1 upgrade. 222MB of RAM isn't alot, and with wireless on the computer, it's also going to be way slower than anything.

Put in a stick of 512MB RAM and you'll be fine. They should cost no more than $50 USD each.

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I have a dvd burner an nec 3550 one.

Just because im on wireless my computer will not slow down.
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no, but 222mbs of ram is very little in with today's technology. I recommend at least 512 mbs in every computer, with 1gb if it can be purchased.

Upgrading your ram will make your computer go alot faster. especially if you are running windows xp. (i don't knwo what versino you are running).

now, by upgrading your computer, it would help to knwo what you plan to use it for. If all you plan to do is download, there is no reason to upgrade the processor, graphics, monitor, etc.

I would consider upgrading the memory as starters, try and get 1Gb.

There are a few confusing parts in your post.

I understand, that my computer isnt going to run as fast as the downstairs one because im on wireless. Even though they are both 1.80 ghz, the wired computer seems a lot faster.

Speed of the processor does not make download speeds that much faster. the real reason that you are experiencing slow download speeds is the wireless. Wireless get at best about 50-60% of their capabilities. so for example if you have a 10mbps link to with the wireless, (as it says on your computer), then you should actrually have around 5-6mbps bandwidth. This is due to having extra messages in the signal.

I would love to get better download speeds.

The only real way to do this is to upgrade your service with your ISP. unless you mean you want a connection as fast as you have on your wired on your wireless, the only way to do this, is make the other one wired, and while it might not match the speeds, it will improve it some.

One thing to remember is that the download speed also depends on the server that you are connecting to as well as your speed.

for example, lets say your speed is 4 mbps. the server that you download your content from is running at lets say 1.5 mbps. (these are max speeds).
If you were the only one connected to the 1.5 mbps server, then you should get around 1.5mbps connection, minus any bottlenecks that might be found. (i.e. cables under ocean slow connection down alot).

Now for the same server, if a bunch of other people are downloading as well, then you will only get a fraction of that 1.5mbps.

so, download speeds rely heavily on your bandwidth, the server's bandwidth, and how far/where the two comptuers are located.

I hope that helps.

Please post back with more info, and I'll try to help you more if you want it.
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