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Default Updating ESCD...

Ok I have built a few computers so far and never had one come up with the Updating ESCD and freeze, or just freeze after listing all of the IRQs which is the last thing BIOS loads before the OS (i believe).

Anyhow, that is the issue and I hit a brick wall until I sat back down to work on it after a 2 week hiatus and now I have found that I can lock up the BIOS jumper so that it cant be flashed, then clear the CMOS with the jumper by shorting pins 2 and 3 then waiting, then moving the jumper back to pins 1 and 2 then load up the computer, set the BIOS boot sequence as Floopy, CD ROM, HDD-0 and also set ESCD to be enabled (disabled by default).

Ok from that point i F10 out and save the changes and then when it gets to the IRQ list it says something like "Unknown Flash found" or "Unknown flash something". Then is tells me to push a key to boot from CD... then we get going somewhere.

Ok from here I load up windows setup (blue screen dos) and delete partitions on the HD and create a new one, then I format NTFS completely not quick, then it loads up windows files, tells me it will automatically reboot the computer in 15 seconds..

When it comes up again it gives the same error as before... just goes blank after showing the IRQ list... Im confused and my boss has too much to deal with atm with preparing for the new servers and stuff.. and this comp is for a co-worker that uses it at home, but does work from home and uses it to remotely connect here.

motherboard is a MSI 661FM3 Series
CPU is a 2.93 celeron D 340
BIOS phoenix i am pretty sure
has DVD burner on it, seagate 40 GB HD ATA, 1GB RAM i believe..

If anyone can help me I am really stuck and its really annoying. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! thanks again and if you need to know anymore i will update you with that info if it will help, thanks thanks thanks.

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Did you try removing any uneccesary cards? Leave ESCD enabled and remove anything like soundcards, cd-rom drives and otehr expansion cards. Maybe it will boot.

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i am using the onboard video and sound, and the only other add ons to the MB are the floppy, the 40 GB HD, and the DVD burner. I will try that though, maybe it could be the DVD burner.. hmm thanks for the idea, i havent looked at it too much because i just built myself a new computer about a week before i ordered this one for this guy and i put it all together and there was no hold ups with my DVD burner which is the same one i bought him too. Although, i have a intel MB he has an MSI MB, so Ill check that out.. i know i have checked the actual IDE connections to make sure they were all correct, and if i recall correctly they are showing up on the boot up. maybe there could be a jumper on the DVD burner that is set incorrectly /shrug or a conflict with the BIOS.
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Still cant figure this thing out. I want to flash the BIOS but I cant get past the Updating ESCD... without having the BIOS locked up. Now I have actually installed Windows XP Home on the Hard drive which is unbelievable to me, but the way that I had to do it was by enabling the ESCD to be cleared (default is disabled), and then let it say "Unknown Flash Type" then it will not do anything about the ESCD and it would boot from the CD-ROM, never tried the floppy drive.

So basically I have to have the BIOS locked to be able to clear the ESCD and log into windows and I cannot update the BIOS to see if that is the problem because I dont know how to get around the ESCD. Anyhow its an Award BIOS for MS-7082 motherboard Version 1.0. I hate MSI boards now and will not use them, and will try to steer clear of Award BIOS as well. If anyone has any ideas it would be appreciated, thanks.
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