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Default So I finally built that computer (graphics problem)

some of you may remember posts of mine from the past in which I wa slooking for advice on what parts to build from. anyway i built it today. It was everything as promised, fast, slick and looked good....the only problem was the 640 x 480 resolution. So I pulled out control panel and checked to see the drivers were there, as it turned out windows has used their own but i wasnt too bothered about this, I could install the catalysts later and I could just get the basics like antivirus set up before moving on, however I wanted to change the resolution so i closed that and right clicked on the desktop and went to display properties. The sliders there to change res and i notice these windows drivers will let me go up a bit so i drag it to 1024 x 768, which is great stuff. Except for the fact my mouse then locked, (vertically but worked horizontally so I could only move it in a line) and the display properties screen went white almost like when you start dragging windows round when ya pc is busy. Computer stopped responding totally and so I left it to come to its sense, and about half a minute later it rebooted of its own accord.

So I tried this again and again with no luck. In the end i thought id put the catalysts in since obviously these windows drivers wernt doing the job so I removed the windows driver (the pc works fine if i dont touch that res slider - the res sticks at whatever the slider is on when it crashes) and i put in my driver cd. Now thsi is an oldie graphics card a 9800se 256mb 350 chipset, but i thought the disc would do the job, no such luck. upon restating of my computer the computer had been put into 16 colour mode (4 bit) and i was being told by mr kernel that I ahd installed drivers for the wrong operating system. The most scary thing is at no point during the install was I asked which operating system I used, so I thought well okay, in that case ill download the latest catalysts drivers from the net, surely thatl do the trick, and so thats just what i did.

After removing the bad drivers through device manager, I installed the latest catalyst drivers direct from the ati website, and rebooted. The changes were amzing:

- The res slider no longer crashed
- The colours were normal
- The pc was as fats as edver

So I was feeling pretty pleased with myself. I had a kickass new pc and it had all gone rather smoothly unlike certain computers id built in the past. So I decided to play battlefield2 since it has arrived through the post this morning and I havent yet played it and my mates say its good, so I install it and get ready for some high speed gaming, not a chance.

You see, I enter the level and walked around a bit, I didnt know what to do so I shot my mate on single player just for fun. Then my pc just rebooted. I guess teammates take offence at being shot, but from then on I cant even enter a level now without it rebooting.

Ive followed the standard guide for troubleshooting, ive reformatted the pc since then, no go. Ive swapped the ram, no go. Ive swapped the power supply (a hiper 350w for an oem 500w) and still no go. Ive disconencted everything that sint needed no go. I plug in an old 16mb card and it seems okay though obviously I cant test it in bf2.

Any ideas before I just dump the card?

my specs are as follows:
AMD64 bit 3200
1 gig kingston ram
Radeon 9800se
160gb wd hard disk (ata)
Arctic cooling silencer 64 for cpu
Hiper 350w psu (though ive tried both that and a 500w alternative).

All other functions such as sound and lan are onboard.

MY mobo doesnt have onboard graphics that could conflict however, so it must either be something really wrong with the drivers or my card is kaputt. Since ive been buying parts for this for months now my 28 day returns has expired (the graphics was my first purchase) and anything that happens now is up to me and my wallet...HELP!

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Default i may have solved it

This problem has had me stumped for over 6 hours now, however since ditching the fdd connectore extension provided in the box i enjoyed my first error free level of bf2.

Im ot entirely sure if this is luck. I must have accidently not used the extension when changing psu's back and forth and used the psu's own molex for the video. anyway im happier to know that the problem lies in this cheap extension and not the crad.

Anyway im still not guarentting myself success since i am going to reformat my computer one final time and this should be my excellent gaming system that ive saved up week by week for with my saturday job.

unlike others, My pc is todays standards, not tomorrow's, but i feel i have earned it since i refused help from parents to help me fund it, i know theres no replies here but i hope this helps someone else with similar difficulties
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