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Default Single or double CPU

OK guyz and gurlz, I already have an ATM +3000 CPU and two DDR 1 GB RAM sticks on this machine and I am thinking of building a new one. Now I am thinking of upgrading to a better system, I like the socket 939 and I would either get an upgrade on a better CPU (maybe a AMD Athlon 64 4000+ w/ 1MB Cache) or I hear that you can get a mobo with two CPU's on it, I would then geet a second ATM +3000 along with the one I already have.

The problem is I am told that many programs do not support dual processor machines .... is that true?

Also, I can't find a mobo with two processors to it ... does that even exist or was I told a joke?

And dual core ... what's that? Same as dual processor?

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Dual core is NOT dual processor; it is two dies on one chip, so it is like dual processor, but not identical.

And yes, there are dual proc mobos out there, they just aren't cheap.


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Thanx, I think I am going for a dual core 939 or maybe dual core AM2 ..... I guess ATM was a misprint ... lol

With dual core, do you really get a big difference in performance?

****, things have changed so much since I built this one 4 years ago ..... how does anyone keep up!
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With dual core, you will be able to multitask more easily then with a single core.


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dual cores have significant advantages in multitasking (obviously seeing as you can have two programs that use 100% of a processor running simultaneously) and in programs that use SMP (Symmetric Multi-Processing). SMP programs are those which can "see" and use more than one processor effectively, these include some games and many video encoders. for instance while using a video encoder with an X2 3800+ you would pretty much encode a video in half the time it takes a single core 3200+.

as for dual processors, there are no dual socket s939 processors as no s939 processor is "multi-way" i.e they have no multi-processor support. however AMD's server socket, socket 940 appears on boards with multiple sockets. though s940 is not useful to the average person as it has many features helpful to servers but perhaps detrimental to desktops.
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what socket is your current motherboard?

since you already have 2 1gb sticks of DDR ram, i recommend you stick with socket 939 to save some money... then get something like the 4400+, or the 4600+ if you don't want to overclock.. (they're about same price). and since you kept saying ATM instead of AMD, i'll assume overclocking is out of the question..

give us more details on your current components so we can recommend how to go about your upgrade... be as detailed as possible
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I got:

- Tsunami Dream case by Thermaltake (kick butt case, looks really cool but it's too damaged so the next one will be just like this one)
- Thermaltake Hardcano 12 front panel fan controller (piece of crap, don't get it, I'll pay you to take mine)
- Audigy ZS 24 bit Sound Blaster audio card (I see it's going to be useless since every new mobo's got integrated sound)
- AMD (or ATM is you prefer) 64 +3000, socket 939 CPU
- Thermaltake XaserIII 480W Silent Purepower PSU
- Abit AV8-Eye sockey 939 mobo
- A BFG Geforce 6800GS 256MB GDDR3 AGP 4X/8X Video Card (really good vid card but they don't seem to make AGP mobo's anymore) @&$X%@!
- A good CD drive, a good DVD R/RW drive and of course the useless floppy drive (what's a floppy disc anyway .... I think floppy is to PC what LP is to music)
- Thermaltake CPU heatsink (can you guess I liked the brand Thermatake)
- Some add-on heatsink/fan upgrade for the vid card (don't remember the brand, it's blue)
- 2GB (2 x 1GB) 184-Pin DDR-400 SDRAM (I think that's it, not really sure)

Now, I really wish I could keep the vid card but it's an AGP so I might have to buy a new PCI-E card.

The computer is mainly used for surfing, gaming, music, movies, some video editing and possibly some 3D animation/rendering with 3DsMax7 in the near future.
I might get an other socket 939, I like the one I have, plus I already have the RAM sticks for it ...... AMD all the way , f_._k pentium!
I am probably keeping the sound card because I don't think the integrated sound on today's mobos is as good as my 24 bit card ... so I can probably bypass the integrated sound with my card ... or can't I?

Also, I am considering getting a new OS ..... I don't know about that, I just hate corporate MS with a passion and I don't know if I could understand Linux or feel comfortable with Mac .... I heard I would have to get a whole different hardware set up for those other operating systems .... is that true?

And are Linux and Mac really more stable and safer than Windows?

Linux has compatibility issues with virtually everthing usefull on the market so I would probably go with Mac.
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Yes you can get Mobo's with 2 Cpu sockets but if you want to do that you have to have the exact same cpu otherwise it wont work. It works like a dual core processer. Why not go and buy a dual core, It will work out cheaper.

Get the Intel Core 2 E6300 its bottom of the line of core 2's but its so easy to overclock. Its rated Clock speed is 1.86 Ghz but you can easily overclock it to 2.6Ghz with stock cooling and voltages.
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one way you could go about your new upgrade is to leave everything as is, and just upgrade the CPU. you'll have a great system in general, and pretty good at gaming as well.

if you want more hardcore gaming, then a new motherboard and video card are needed as well. and if you go that route, then you might as well get a whole new core 2 duo system and get new ram as well.

whats your budget? i'll see whats the best route to go.
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A budget I just don't have .... if it costs a lot, I'll build it slowy, if it costs less, I'll build it fast.

The thing is I need a new case, I like the one I have but it's been damaged a lot so I would like to buy the exact same.
Than there is also the Hardcano 12 fan controller that really needs to go, that is a real piece of crap and pretty much everything is connected to it so if I am going to strip the whole machine and rebuid it, I might as well build a better one while I am at it.

Furthermore, I just hate Windows with a passion and I am also considering either Linux or Mac. But I was told that with one of those other OS, I would need to buid the machine a different way. That doesn't make sense to me but is that true? What should I change to get my machine to take Linux or Mac?

Can I just use the configuration I have above with a new case, perhaps a faster CPU and keeping the same mobo, RAM sticks, vid card, audio card, PSU and the such?

If I can run just any OS on the machine I have, I'll just change the case, CPU and add some memory.

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