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Default Segate or Maxtor?...

I have read that segate is much this true?
Ok so I am wanting to replace my master HD with a good HD...I know i want 7200rpm and over 100gb but i am unsure about the buffer space. What is the differece between 2mb bufffer and a 8mb buffer? Is it worth it to spring for the 8mb?
Also what is the difference between SATA, ATA, IDE? Will allof these fit on my standard MOBO? If so which one is best and why?
Thanks in advance for the help!

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~"What does RPM's have to do with harrddrives?"
Higher RPM usually means faster access times, but perhaps not in all cases. 8 Meg cache is about all you'll ever need for today's stuff, 16 is more of a marketing thing for people that think they need 16 to look cool. The difference in your everyday useage will not be noticable.

7200 RPM's is decent
10,000 RPM's is great
15,000 RPM's is excellent
5,400 RPM's is ideal for laptops

***NOTE*** The higher the RPM's, the higher the temperature.

~What is all this SATA and IDE talk?"
An IDE hard drive is as good for anything as a SATA drive is. The only difference is that SATA cables are significantly smaller so it helps with cable management.

but defintely go with seagate as it has a 5 year warranty and will last long

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Definitely go with Seagate. They are quality hard drives.
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As for an explanation of SATA, let me clarify.....

Serial ATA has distinct key advantages over its predecessor. Cables are very thin with small 7-pin connectors. They can be up to 3 feet (1 meter) in length, and are easily routed to stay out of the way allowing maximum airflow inside the case. SATA also has a far lower power requirement of just 250 mV compared to PATA’s 5-volt requirement, and with chip core voltages declining, this speaks well of SATA’s future. Serial ATA does away with Master/Slave configurations and drive jumpers. Setup is greatly simplified, and the technology even allows hot-swapping, meaning drives can be removed or added while the computer is running.

However, the most promising feature of Serial ATA is that it eliminates the transfer limit hit by PATA. First generation has a maximum transfer rate of 150 MB/ps, and SATA II delivers 300 MB/ps. A version set for 2008 will deliver 600 MB/ps.

With introductory transfer speed so close to existing Ultra ATA/133 speeds, the increase in real-world performance is negligible for first generation SATA, though prices of the drives are comparable to PATA drives, making the switch to the new technology a good choice when upgrading, building or buying a new system.

As for choice of HD, the only one's I've had personal experience with are Maxtor. I have a Maxtor DiamondMax 9 Plus and I have no complaints about it. Matter of fact, I plan on getting another for my new build pretty soon, if I don't try a Seagate Raptor.
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its not a Seagate raptor its a Western Digital raptor the 10k drives
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Yea sounds like Seagate is gonna be the winner.
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Plus I've been hearing of problems with maxtor.
I myself got a 15k seagate cheetah and a 500gig baracuda in this
comp. Soon I'll have dual 15k cheetah once my money builds back up again.And man is it a world of diffarance from a 7200rpm regular HDD like my baracuda.
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in regards to seagate vs maxtor it's seagate hands down.....maxtor has basically the worst record of drives failing.

If it was seagate vs western digital, my personal preference is western digital but I've got a friend who SWEARS seagate has a better record than WD although both are exceptional
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i agree with nubius. also ata and ide are the same thing. for whether you can use ide and sata on your "standard mobo", we will need to know what that mobo is. no doubt it will have an integrated ide controller but it may or may not have an integrated sata controller, if it doesn't then you would have to buy an sata controller card

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