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raidersfann26 09-04-2005 03:39 PM

Im trying to fix my mothers computer so it will play games... the problem is it only has 128 RAM... it needs at least 256... do i have to buy a 256 stick or just another 128 stick of ram... and if i have to get a 256 can i still use it with the 128 stick of ram thats already in there?

PZEROFGH 09-04-2005 03:44 PM

it depends what your mobo is.

1) if you buy another 256MB ram you can use it with the 128 = 384MB

2) you can just buy another 128MB and combine it with the other stick to equal 256MB

3) i recommend buying a 512MB stick and combine it with the 128 or dont for a total of 512/640

cause today the minimum is 256 for XP but 512MB for games. the average is 1GB and most people will say dont go past 2GB. is this a windows 98 or 95 computer...?

raidersfann26 09-04-2005 03:56 PM

Also are their different types of ram... or will all of them work on the same computer?... cuz im seeing ddr2 and ddr... theyre all the same and theyll all work right?

Baez 09-04-2005 04:00 PM

ya both types of ddr will work the same.
there's also another type of ram called 1TS-RAM which is much faster but I don't know if you can even use that in a regular AMD or P4 mainboard.

PZEROFGH 09-04-2005 05:11 PM

you can not use DDR2 with DDR. that guy above me is wrong

DDR2 is used in some intel based computers while amd is sitll using DDR

it really doesnt matter about speed they will all run at the slowest speed

which is like if you buy pc3200 and add it with pc2100 allthe ram will run at pc2100

why dont you give us a link to what you are going to buy and what your mobo is

Baez 09-04-2005 05:56 PM

but how can that be when i have one thats ddr and another 512 thats ddr2? i got about 2 months ago and its working fine?

PZEROFGH 09-04-2005 06:52 PM

usually DDR is 184 pin while DDR2 is 240 pin. some mobos offer i belive 2 slots of DDR and 2 slots of DDR2

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