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Default Questions for bright computer minds

First off let me say that I am impressed and have enjoyed reading the information on this website. You guys are friendly and quite informative. This is my first post. I am finalizing my part selections for my new gaming rig I plan on building when income taxes come in but I have a few questions before I post my parts for you all to review.

1. SLI, is it all it's cracked up to be and is it worth buying an SLI capable motherboard? I want a computer that I can fully upgrade, say, two years down the road whether it be slapping another processor in or adding another video card or both. How much gain do you get by adding another video card? Is it essentially twice the power? I guess what I'm teetering on is would it be better to replace my video card down the road with something more cutting edge or would I get the same kind of gains by adding a second card?

2. Video card, I've decided to go with a 7800gt, just can't afford the gtx. Problem is there a a hundred different 7800gt's by different manufactures with slightly different clock speeds. These are the cards I am looking at.
Now is this comparing apples to oranges or is there a clear cut winner?

3. Processor, I'm definitely going with AMD but I a little stuck on which card to go with. These are the two I am going back and for about.
The 4000+ has a higher operating frequency but the X2 is dual core and could probably be overclocked to match the 4000+. Which is better in your humble opinion?

4. Socket type, I've read that 939 will be discontinued in the near future so how does that figure in to upgrading my pc down the road? Will I not be able to find a processor or video card to work with my motherboard when I plan to upgrade in a couple years?

5. Motherboard, This is where I am really confused as I know little about motherboards. I've got this lined up as potential candidate.
Thoughts and opinions on this board. Any other suggestions? I may overclock in the future.

I know I asked a lot but this is my first build and I want everything to be as perfect as I can make it and I value all your opinions. So please, anyone and everyone chime in, it's greatly appreciated!

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1. SLI is nothing but a money pit. By the time you get around to upgrading, the price is always better to get a single card that'll beat out 2 of you present cards. It's been shown that SLI has about a 30% performance increase. That's not very good considering you're buying 100% more video card.

2. You're asking about brand preference. They're all virtually the same card, but quality does differ from brand to brand. Personally, my favorite video card brand is eVGA. I would follow those up with BFG and PNY. After that, MSI and Gigabyte. Stear clear of XFX.

3. Dual core. The 4000+ is kindof a jip as far as cost/performance. The 3700+ below it offers near the same performance, but more cash in pocket. I guess the boys on here would advise a dual core, but I'd buy the 3700+

4. Socket 939 will be made here for a little while longer. It'll be in production for the better part of 2006, I'd say. In a couple years, you're right, they won't be makin anything for s939 anymore. But that's what you'll find in any platform. If you do wait, socket M2 will be coming out here in the 2nd quarter. Who knows what they'll have to offer pricewise.

5. Asus tends to make good products, but on the outside chance of getting a rotten one, customer support is terrible. If you want quality and features, go with the all-around favorite. DFI Lanparty Ultra-D. Overclocking deluxe board, lemme tell ya.

Hope I helped... I'm sure others will be able to fill the gaps I left wide open.



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Expand on above really. Go with the ASUS if you want to, as you will not be returning to them, but the retailer. I haven't needed to speak to them with mine, as it is working flawlessly.

My XFX card went after 10 months randomly while playing FEAR multyplayer demo, but I got a refund meaning I could go with a 7800gt. I would go with a BFG card though, due to the lifetime warranty.

Wait for M2 socket, as that is going to be the next leap. Also, for future proofing, which you want, go with the X2, it will leave single cored CPU's standing when dual core games and Vista are released.

Stay away from sli and crossfire! SLI motherboards are not bad though, as the extra PCIE X16 is part of the extra features.

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Default Re: Questions for bright computer minds



3. I would get the X2 by far.
when the 4000+ wins, it wins by about 10-20%
when the X2 3800+ wins, it will nearly double the 4000+

4. if you want to wait, socket M2 should be coming out in spring this year (but it is a kinda long time to wait)

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