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Default Power Supply

Hi there,

Following recent advice on this forum I brought some upgrades for my PC, including a GeForce GTX 650 Ti Graphics Card and a Intel Q6600 Core 2 Quad Processor (Thanks for the help btw)

I am pleased to say my upgrades were very successful and everything appears to be fairly functional however I have a concern - Power.

On the box upon which my graphics card shipped with, it mentioned that on a 12v rail it should have a minimum output of 400w and 20a.

Now i'm not an electrician so I have no idea what these values mean, but I took a glance at the grey little stock power supply inside my pc and found that these values were much lower, something like 200w? and 15a.

None the less, in a wisk of Christmassy, blissful ignorance, I installed my graphics card and booted the machine up knowing it was probably underpowered and to my suprise the computer worked.

I then have reason to suspect my PC is underpowered. My already rapidly degrading secondary sata, 2tb drive for the first time ever caused my pc to bluescreen upon accessing it and I had to disconnect the drive from the power supply and sata port inside the machine to get the pc working again.

I just so happened to have a 400w power supply, a gaming style one that had been abandoned inside an old PC of mine, I think it's called an Artic something or other? and it had a min of 19a which is alot closer but still not 'enough' for my card.

So anyhow, I started to install it. Then I noticed a flaw in my plan that made me stop trying altogether, the fan on this PSU faces downwards, unlike the stock one which faces out of the case.

In my old PC, this was not an issue. In my current PC, it is. You see, my case design, directly under the power supply is an immovable sheet of metal. If I were to install the power supply in my current PC's slot. It would have about a 1/5cm throat in which to suck in air. Essentially none.

(tldr) So, what i'm looking for is a Power Supply, with a rear facing fan that will support 400w or more power output with 20a or more. It needs to be able to connect to the square ~1cmx1cm 04 pin connector on the motherboard, the main motherboard rectangle thing, the molex connector in the cd/dvd drive, the graphics card power port, and atleast 4 SATA power connectors if possible to match the 4 hard drive bays inside my PC.

I tried searching around for myself but all I seem to find are ones with bottom faced fans. Are there no rear facing ones that can meet my needs?

Thanks for your help,

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Default Re: Power Supply

Why not transfer the components to the case of the older gaming PC? Makes more sense to me. The 650ti doesn't take that much power so if you have an Antec PSU it will probably be fine.
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