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Default pent4 board video problem

i installed an operating system on a comp the other day for a friend. the install was problematic but eventually got it. the os was vista. the comp had 512 mbs pc-2700 sharing 32 mbs of that with onboard video. to install i ended up disabling that to free up the 512 mbs vista wants and installed a 128 mb fx5200. once i got it up and running, i did a few things like disabling uac, replacing notepad with a 32-bit ver i use and some other stuff, then went to bed. when i got up, the comp wouldn't boot. the cpu fan came on but didn't kick on monitor. after hours [and 2 playoff games] i got into vista - but with a 4 mb sis6326 agp card. (believe it or not, vista will run on a 4 mb vc, you just can't do anything;0) ) neither the onboard video nor the fx5200 i used to install would work. i also tried an old 32 mb diamond viper and a couple pci cards. the only card that will kick on the monitor is the 4 mb sis. with the others [and onboard video], the comp does everything it's supposed to except kick on the monitor. this is driving me crazy. i could really use some help on this. to save anyone valuable finger time on the keyboard, here's what i've already tried:

five different video cards
unhooking everything but the video card(s)
a different ps
two different monitors
disabling onboard video
enabling onboard video, trying each mb option
pci card(s) in every one of the pci slots
clearing the cmos
ultimately flashing the bios
also, i've considered voltage but the fx5200 worked when i installed and voltage doesn't explain the onboard video not working.

probably more but that's all i can think of.

i should point out that i'm sure of the functionality of all the video cards i tried.

the board's an ecs p4vmm2 socket 478
the processor's a pent4 2.8 ghz

does anyone know why suddenly, the only card that will kick on the monitor is an old 4 mb 2x agp sis6326.

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Your best bet is to buy more memory and use the onboard video, or the SIS6326 4MB.

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Well vista doesnt support every card out there, so that may be the problem. I suggest just installing xp.
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the ram's not the problem - the onboard video just doesn't work anymore. the nvidia 128 mb that i had in when i installed doesn't work. the diamond viper ii 32 mb and the two pci video cards don't work. for some reason, the only card that i tried that would actually kick on the monitor now was the 4 mb sis.

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it's not vista. before booting into the os or post or anything, the only card that will kick on the monitor of the ones i mentioned is the sis6326. when i first installed vista, i installed it on the nvidia fx5200. worked in it for a few hours and went to bed. when i got up and turned on the comp, the monitor wouldn't kick on. i removed the fx5200 and dug out a few different vid cards and tried one after the other til i got to the sis6326. when the monitor kicked on with the sis, i went into the bios and enabled the onboard video (which, like the fx5200, worked before). shut down, removed the sis and plugged the monitor into the onboard vga port. that's when i found out that the onboard video didn't work anymore either. at the beginning of this thread, i mentioned everything i've tried and one of them was unhooking everything except the vid - that includes the hard drive so the os isn't even an issue. it's just plain strange. i've never seen this before. you can take an nsa computer and stick an old pci trident with one mb of ram in it and it will kick on the monitor but none of the working cards i've tried except the 4 mb sis work.
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okay, wrap your minds around this. i finally got something besides the crappy sis to work. all the other video cards still don't work but i got the onboard video to work by: enabling it in the bios, plugging the monitor into the onboard vga port (so far you're probably saying, 'well, duh') and what makes it work, sticking in a non-working nvidia ti4200 128 mb 8x agp card. w/o that card in, the onboard video doesn't work ; with any card other than the ti4200, the onboard video doesn't work. tried it numerous times and the only way it works is as laid out above.

i do appreciate the help i got.

(should clarify, the "fingerbang" lyrics were for the benefit of talldude123 as a reference to his south park screen capture.)

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