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Old 06-13-2007, 04:00 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default OS Choices

I am currently buying new parts to build a computer and I had a quick question about an OS. Is windows vista worth buying? If so, I am thinking about premium home. Where is the cheapest place I can find a copy (legally).


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Default Re: OS Choices

There is no choice!

XP home or Pro.

(Waits for vista fan girls)

Newegg or zipzoomfly. Zipzoomfly might have free shipping on it, which "may" make it cheaper.

Now to be "slightly" more serious.

It really depends what you want to do.
If you want to play alot of new games and we make the assumption that DX10 will on be for vista and we make another assumption that game creators will not release a DX9 version of the game. Then the Choice is clear. Vista.

If we make the assumption that DX10 will eventually come out for XP OR game creators will release DX9 versions of the game as well. Then XP.

Id buy XP now, and Wait till you absolutely, 100% needed vista to run new games or software.

Or you could, cough, um, always cough, download cough both, or either or... Cough.

So really, the question is, will you be Playing new Games and is DX10 a must for you? If yes, and you don't want to wait for DX10 to show up on xp (Reguardless of who actually develops or releases DX10 for XP) then Vista.

As much as it completly disturbs me to say it..

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Default Re: OS Choices

if you do decide to go vista AND you're a teacher/student, you can get a good price at academicsuperstore.com

they were selling a vista premium upgrade for 67 bucks. plus, there are guides out there to do full installs off of upgrade versions.

but regardless, i vote xp too.
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Default Re: OS Choices

stay away from windows vista right now. windows aero is coming out but i think that is an add-on to vista.

if you're only getting vista for the looks, you can always get windows xp and change the skin like me.
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Default Re: OS Choices

You're going to have to get Vista sometime. I no longer see 2000, or ME on the shelves ya know, you might as well buy it now instead of getting XP first, then in a year being forced to getting Vista because XP's support will be nill. Vista can do anything XP can and play all games that run on XP. If you get premium with aero, the system requirments might be a little high, so double check those.
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Default Re: OS Choices

XP Home and Pro wll be supported by windows for at least four to five more years.

So I dunnue what your talking about...
Once I find link, Ill post it.
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Default Re: OS Choices

And then someone comes screaming, "Get linux."

Then we'll have a discussion on what linux is and how much better it can be than most mainstream OS's.

Another guy will disagree, and it'll turn into another OS war between Macs, PC, and Linux.

But a smart individual will differentiate between the three saying PC is for normal usage, Macs are for graphics, and Linux are for individual preferences.

But someone else will disagree, disregarding the majority of people's experiences with the OS's...and the war will never stop.
I believe victory only exist at the end, no matter how the factors present it.

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Default Re: OS Choices

I wouldn't get Vista. Too many issues right now, the service pack is atleast 6-12 months away, and M$ is already working on the next version of Windows. I predict that Vista will be the next Windows ME and we'll all be using something way different in a few years. You can buy an OEM copy of Windows XP Media Center for $109 from Newegg.
Newegg.com - Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 SP2b - OEM

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