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Angry Online Shops vs Review&Comparison Sites

Now, getting ready to buying a new PC I did some research on the popular online shops. And it's shockingly unpleasant. Here's what I found: - ** to *** stars out of 5. 88 reviews read in total. Quotes:

"Stay away from this company. They constantly fail to deliver on promised order delivery dates."

"Their website is good & well laid out & most of their stuff is high quality - when the order is good, they are great to deal with. However if you have a problem, you might as well be banging your head against a brick wall. "

"Don't bother, their RMA policy is "the customer is always wrong", they keep your card details and will charge you without authorisation...Unless they are the only company that has it in stock, and you are desperate, take your money somewhere else "

"Absolutely the worst online retailer I have dealt with. After sales support is non-existant and it seems they actually go out of their way to frustrate the customer and dismiss RMA claims with any remotely plausible excuse they can conjure up."

"I have spend hundreds of pounds at Overclockers over the years and found them to be competitive and reliable.
The problems arise when something goes wrong. The support is diabolicle."

"Avoid at all costs! They're support is terrible. They tell you they will charge you 10 if they can't find fault with something and then charge you 20 (postage to cover postage), but don't tell you they've taken it from your card." - ***** out of 5. Only 18 reviews read. - ** to *** stars out of 5. 26 reviews read. Quotes:

"They said it would be 5 - 7 days before it shipped. 2) After about 3 weeks I had no system so I called. They said that due to high demand, the order would take longer than originally anticipated."

"PC Specialist came up on a sponsored link, and I was absolutely STUNNED by the great prices. I thought it was too good to be true. I only wish I'd read company reviews before I rushed in, as you're about to find out why... "

"The machine turned up on time, but did not work due to faults on both the motherboard and hard drive. Their attempts at technical assistance were very poor, after waiting on hold for 20 minutes I was out through to an individual who was unresponsive, unapologetic and completely unhelpful."

"At the time of writing and a month on from ordering, I am still without a PC and my e-mails have gone unanswered until today."

"I was originally going to buy from DEL but was recommended PC Specialist by a friend. I compared the two and there was very little in it so following the recommendation I chose PC Specialist, oh dear what an expensive mistake. I had problems from delivery to date. Two weeks into the order and on the final delivery date I was told certain elements were not available" - no info available. - *** out of 5 stars. 157 reviews read. Quotes:

"The fan I bought died in 1 day. Replacement went ok, took around 2 weeks however."

"When you order new products.. They send out used and knackered products. And their customer service.... What customer service. They are not interested in helping when you do actually get to speak to someone. All i got told was use thier online services."

"Cheap they may be but it ends there. I have been a national consumer technology journalist for 12 years and i dont think i have encountered a more rude, unhelpful company."

"I've only bought about four things, but nothing outlives its warranty, and if a product is more than a week old, they don't give refunds"

"Very poor service. does not respond to emails, or phone calls. Cancels orders yet gives no reason. I cannot understand how customers keep allowing a company with this type service to keep trading. " - *** to **** stars out of 5. 36 reviews read. - ** stars out of 5. 16 reviews read in total. Quotes:

"After keeping my PC for over two months for them to repair, I finally got them to send it back. This was after repeatedly promising me that it "would be sent tomorrow". "

"Bought a DVD writer from MD. Excellent delivery came the next day. I had a problem with the drive so they asked me to return the drive. After 3 emails I have sent, i have not received a reply. Don't bother trying to ring with a problem they dont answer the phone or when they do they say they will ring you back, then dont."

"It's very tempting to order from these people, but if anything goes wrong you are in for an extremely frustrating time."

"You only find about a company when something goes wrong, note the people who have had any problems, not the people who have "just" recieved their goods on time."

"Placed an order with this company, item did not arrive. Tried to phone their sales department just listened to music for ages on a 0870 number. Then tried to phone customer services - phone just rang for two days with no reply. When I did finally get through nobody new what they were talking about and there computer was down! Asked to have the manager phone me, no response received."


The review ratings and reviews are taken from an

Basically, the whole thing scares the living daylights out of me and makes me want to buy from DELL. I mean, good reviews are OK, but virtually none of them stated that something was WRONG. Because what I found is that if something does go wrong - say goodbuy to your money and parts/PC.

I mean, wtf? It's not like I'm (and those people) buying a Snickers bar in a shop, some of them spent over a 1000 punds. And I don't even want to talk about the expences of sending THEIR faulty parts to THEM at YOUR cost.

So, what's your opinion on all this?

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Default Re: Online Shops vs Review&Comparison Sites

where is
Where is
where is

I think you will find kustompcs has some of the best customer support available you need a part not listed they will source it. If you send an email you will get a reply in under 30 minutes now thats service!!!! Only issue being they are not the cheapest as they are only a small stockist but its worth the extra couple of pounds to get the service

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Default Re: Online Shops vs Review&Comparison Sites

I agree- it is a bit daunting!

Don't forget, though, two things:

-The only people with reason to post, are those that have had bad experiences. If everyone who had a successful experience (or just a successful RMA) reviewed each of the sites, the overall review average would no doubt be much higher

-these companies having all been running for many years and probably deal with hundreds of orders per day. Compare this with the number of bad reports that you have

My personal experience (for computer hardware only), is limited, but I have had to RMA a graphics card through There were absolutely no problems and everything went smoothly. I think it is important to have a good idea of what went wrong with when RMAing- just sending something back when there is the possibility that another component was at fault is just asking for trouble.
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