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Old 01-14-2006, 08:57 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default NOT a gaming PC

I have been trying to read up on the posts here, but most are related to gaming. I am looking to build a PC just for home use. Right now I have a P4 2.4 800FSB w/ 1Gig of PC3200. I am looking t upgrade using AMD. The budget is around 300 and I am just looking for a motherboard and processor at this point. Ideally the motherboard would have onboard video, lan, and audio. I do not plan to overclock this one. Basically just looking for the fastest PC I can on that budget. I would need it to support sata drives.I will be buying the parts from newegg. Thanks for any suggestions. Right now I am thinking A64 3700, but that may push my budget with a decent motherboard. I do not want to go cheap. I'd sacrafice a little speed to get a known good board. I could also spend 50 more if needed.

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For just home use that setup seems pretty sufficient unless you are using hardware intensive apps like video editing and stuff like that.

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Get a good sempron, and a 60$ mobo.
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I'd really like to go with the 939 socket. I was thinking the 3700 because of the cache. I just don't see any posts about a good MOBO with most of the items onboard. If I went a different route I was thinking of the ASUS A8N-SLI Premium. Then if I wanted to get into gaming or overclocking down the road I could. If I went that route, I'd need to drop some on the processor. Possibly something like the 3200 venice core??
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You dont need it. That 2.4 with the 800fsb is more than enough.
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Well maybe that brings up a better question. Would you guys expect a great speed increase going from what I have to a A64 3200 or faster? I was assuming so, but maybe I am wrong??? Thanks for the replies!!!
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Well if you're not gaming, then I don't see the purpose in switching. Yes, AMD is pretty much overall better, but you wont see much of a performance difference if you aren't going to game.
I'd say just keep what you have right now..
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I wouldn't do that upgrade. Personally, I like to let my computer components start to show thier age before I go replacing them. Yours are more than enough to suffice for just about anything right now. It's a futile exercise to upgrade to each generation of components. Every other generation is about right.


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if you are not gaming than stick wiht the p4 and 1 gig of ram. that is perfect. i'd rather have that than my sempron and 512mb ram. your non gaming computer is is better than my gaming rig if you had a videocard.
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The only problem I see is the desire for onboard video. It's not too common (unlike onboard audio) and there aren't many choices unless you want to go with a micro-atx board. I'd say just get a cheap video card since you're not a gamer.

But by going with a 939 upgrade, you open yourself up for more upgradability later as well.

Here's one idea:
AMD Athlon 64 3500+ $201
MSI K8N Neo4-F ATX AMD Motherboard $80
total: $281 with $19 leftover plus the $50 for a cheap video card (PCI-E video cards on newegg under $69)

AMD Athlon 64 3700+ $223
Gigabyte GA-K8NF-9 ATX AMD Motherboard $76
total: $299 with $1 leftover plus the $50 for a cheap video card (PCI-E video cards on newegg under $51)

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