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Adam123 11-30-2005 06:52 PM

NewEgg or Can Computer

I reside in Canada myself, and i'm buying components for my computer. I for SURE wanna buy online. But im having some difficulty deciding which company to buy from. I dont know if buying from an american store will give me a hefty shipping bill, or anything like that. If anyone that lives in canada could give me there perspective, that'd be great, and otherwise, which really is the best? Because, theres alot of them out there, i really just want to get the best deal, Yet, pick the most reliable company.


Riceball 11-30-2005 06:55 PM I have had nothing but excellence from these guys. I've ordered three things from them and they've all come on within 3 days. It's awesome. What makes them so good is that they underpromise and overdeliver. When they told my my product was coming in 5-7 days, it came in 3. I felt like i was on top of the world when the UPS man came to my door. That is why newegg will always be the first place i shop when buying computer parts onilne.

Adam123 11-30-2005 06:58 PM

Sounds promising :O Have you bought from another place? A comparison in prices?

RadRacer 11-30-2005 07:14 PM

Newegg is usually the best price. Very rarely are they beat, and if they are, it's by a store no one has bought from and may ending up ripping you off. Go newegg. LIke he said, they ship extremely fast and promise less than what you get. I bought a stick of RAM from them, came in 2 days (with standard shipping!) and I'm in FL.

Riceball 11-30-2005 07:15 PM

Nah i've never bought from other places. But i know newegg has great prices compared to most other online stores. I dont think i'll ever buy from another place lol.

reggie_da_man 11-30-2005 07:18 PM

Yea but you have to take into consideration the duties you have to pay and not to mention the tax. What province do you live in? I live in Qu├ębec and shipping and tax is quite frankly a ***** to deal with.

royalk4 11-30-2005 07:18 PM

I thought newegg didn't ship to canada.

FghtinIrshNvrDi 11-30-2005 07:28 PM

you guys are funny talkin about how newegg is such a fast shipping store... It's the CARRIER, not the RETAILER. haha... funny stuff dudes.

Although, I've had wonderful experiences with newegg customer service. It is unmatched.

"I thought newegg didn't ship to canada."

Yup, I don't think newegg ships to Canada.

cedjunior 11-30-2005 07:58 PM


Originally posted by FghtinIrshNvrDi
you guys are funny talkin about how newegg is such a fast shipping store... It's the CARRIER, not the RETAILER. haha... funny stuff dudes.

I think what everyone is talking about is the fact that Newegg gets most of their orders shipped the day they're ordered, and that the standard cheap shipping is usually 3 days or less compared to 5 days with most other companies.

GrimReaper23 11-30-2005 08:02 PM


Originally posted by royalk4
I thought newegg didn't ship to canada.
They don't.. Look at this post it will answer a lot of your questions.

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