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Default New Vs. Upgrade -- My findings

Well I decided to post what i found here after hearing about how much better and faster the Newer computers are Vs. the older ones. The findings are kinda Strange to say the least I thought. The Two computers I put to the test are My current Computer [ Intel Celeron 1.1Ghz ( OverClocked to 1.46 Ghz ) with 512 Mb Of 133 SDRAM - Nvidia Geforce 5200 Fx (PCI) 128Mb DDR RAM - The FSB is set to 133 Mhz - VS. - Intel Celeron 1.8Ghz with 256Mb Of 333 DDR Ram and the same Geforce 5200 Fx Pci 128 Mb DDR - The FSB for the 1.8 Ghz is 333Mhz. I used both computers in Lots of Apps over months, Im useing the game FARCRY to compaire the diffrence. The newer machine has much faster Transfer rates than the 1.1, but i found the Older machine to be MUCH MUCH faster. FarCry on the 1.8 Set itself for LOW specs, Even on low specs the Machine lags in game and i couldnt use the Diffrent rendering Options, And with the Older machine it sets up to MED Specs and No lag at all in game, and i can use all rendering options. -- In the game HALO for Pc The 1.8 machine sets up to all High specs with lil lag , wile the 1.1 (overclocked to 1.46) set up to High Specs with no lag at all - The Only game that Played about the same was Counter Strike : Source - But the 1.8 did have greater periods of laging out on med settings wile the 1.46 had much smaller periods of lag on med settings - The game F.E.A.R , on the 1.8 set up to lowest specs and Lagged Like all HECK- wile the 1.46 set up to Low Specs Lagged but was playable- F.E.A.R. wants a 1.7 CPU and 512 ram i believe, So the Lower End machine still came out on top, My Recomendation to anyone that wants a new Pc is dont look at the FSB and transfer rates but look at the Hardware in the machine. If your looking to get a new computer, think about Upgradeing your old one first, a better cooling fan and some Ram is cheaper than going to a new machine, I know the 1.46 has more Ram in it and that can make things faster and Higer Specs for games BUT Looking at the diffrence in transfer rates the 1.8 machine seems like it should KILL the 1.46 - BUT the outcome is the 1.46 Plays games Much Much better and i have put the 1.8 back in the closet, I missed my OLD one

well tell me what you think, Happy Gameing to all and to all a Few Frags

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Default Re: New Vs. Upgrade -- My findings

OOOOOo yes , In farCry i turn the Lighting to Low - if you know the 5200 Fx card can render in DX9 but it slows the card down to use the Lighting in Dx9 but hey 128Mb DDR Ram with a Dual Cpu for 45 bucks, but the card is really good for the price of it. I used the same Sound Blaster Live in both machines as well. Its strange The 1.46 lag in the intro movie to the game Farcry but not at all in game, but the 1.8 played the intro nice, but the game was choppy... I dunno LOL.. Have Fun, And ide like to add that with my Geforce 4 64Mb ram Pci card in the 1.46 Mhz played the game at med specs with water, grass,and lighting on low- the Geforce 4 does not have hardware T&L
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