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Default New pc

I used to want to build a high end pc, but i have decided to go for a budget future proof gaming rig . On ebay i have found a bundle for a otherboard and a pentium D 5.6g processor for £103. It only has an AGP lot but i would ugrade the mobo later on. Is [entium D good? Also, RAM, i dont understand. Here is what memory the mobo can use. But when i search for RAM on ebay, it asks me to choose from pc300 and al these otehr things there are too many different names for the RAM and i realy dont understand. Help would be so much appreciated thankyou.

- 2 x 240-pin DIMM Sockets support max. 2GB DDR2
533/400 non-ECC, unbuffered memory
- 2 x 184-pin DIMM Sockets support max. 2GB DDR
400/333/266 non-ECC, unbuffered memory

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Default ...

Could you provide a link to this thing on ebay? if 5.6g means 5.6GHz then don't buy it there's no (unoverclocked) processor that's that fast. Why would you buy a new motherboard later? Just get a good one now and save money.

I don't know any English computer parts sites but I know newegg is the greatest for computer parts in the US. just do a search and you'll find one. Its better to buy your parts all seperately from a reliable site/store than buying combos on ebay. You don't know what your getting when you buy off of ebay. with a specialized site you know exactly what your getting. buying parts seperately takes a little more knowlege to utilize however...

Pentium D is good - not as good as core 2 duo - but still good. basically it is a dual core pentium 4. I'm using a pentium D 930 in my mid range gaming rig I'm going to build soon. Getting a pentium D (LGA775) will allow you to upgrade to core 2 duo/core 2 duo extreme in the future (make sure your motherboard supports it).

RAM... are you sure your motherboard supports DDR and DDR2? If so I've never heard of it (another reason not to trust ebay).
DDR and DDR2 are the two common types of RAM nowadays. DDR2 is newer and allows for much faster access to the data stored on the memory stick than DDR. DDR2 is best utilized with two identical sticks of RAM in corresponding slots on the mobo, which allows for much faster utilization.

On to the numbers... what I will do is write your example of a RAM description and put numbers in parentheses behind each and then below I will explain it.

- 2 x 240-pin(#1) DIMM Sockets(#2) support max. 2GB(#3) DDR2
533/400(#4) non-ECC(#5), unbuffered memory(#6)

1 - "2 x 240-pin" means that the mobo allows 2 sticks of 240-pin (DDR2) RAM
2 - "DIMM Sockets" means the mobo has DIMM sockets for the RAM. This is the commonly used socket.
3 - "support max. 2GB" means it only supports 2GB total RAM (2 x 1GB sticks) This is VERY little, good mobos have 4 slots supporting a total of 4GB or 8GB total RAM.
4 - "DDR2 533/400" tells you the RAM speeds accepted by this mobo. A good mobo will allow 800/677/533 DDR2 RAM.
5 - "non-ECC" means tells you the multiplier for the number of chips on a module of RAM. Do not worry about this as almost all RAM is non-ECC
6 - "Unbuffered memory" is volatile memory used in PC's. Servers use buffered memory (registered memory)

If you want the ability to build a high end gaming machine DO NOT BUY THIS MOTHERBOARD! Do some research and get a good one. They will not come cheap. In any system the motherboard connects all the parts. Getting a cheap mobo but a good GPU and CPU can bottleneck processes in the system.

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you probably mean a Pentium D 560? what's your budget... I would not suggest it either...

I have a few good UK sites booked, that I can help you put something together, if you wish to build.

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