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Old 02-27-2006, 05:12 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default New Fresh, Tech born =]

Hi everyone ! haha I guess today was the day I decided to join after reading lots of topics and replies during computer class. Everyone here just seems so knowledgable, mature, and very very open armed.
So how should I get this started eh? well... heres my first post !

I wana know if you guys could tell me how can I help/upgrade my Compaq Deskpro which I purchased a while back for 70 dollars =D.

The Current Specs are :

OS [ Windows 2000 Profesional ]
CPU [ Pentium 3 Socket 370 800 mhz ]
Motherboard [ Compaq something, 3 PCI slots with onboard audio and
Video Card [ eVGA Geforce MX4000 PCI 64MB ] Recently Upgraded
RAM [ PC133 128MB X1 PC100 64MB X 1 total = 196mb RAM ]
DVD Drive 16x
Hardrive - 80 Gigabyte

So yeah ! haha a little about myself is that I am just a casual gamer that only plays MMORPG. Im okay with mediocre graphics, middle of the way. I would prefer not lowest settings, but I definitly will not expect much. Im gona go today to go buy a stick of 256MB RAM either PC133 or PC100, should I or should I not? If you guys could give me any opinions, options, or comments, that would feel awesome !

Edit * oh yeah I'm only 15 with no job. So money doesn't flow so well =[. I was wandering also just for jokes or kicks if you guys have any advice on how can I make money? please and thank you !

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do you have money to build a whole new computer? if so you should start from scratch

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as we speak, no I dont. =[

oh yeah ! btw, i do have a okay computer outside, which i HARDLY ever get to use.. such a shame. it has like a 6600gt amd 3000+ venice and dfi lan party mobo. but yeah I wana use the comp in my room which is in my post because thats the only computer i can actualy use xD
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Hey! Welcome. I have a computer just like that. I'm using it till my good video card comes in the mail.

P3 800
512mb of PC133 ram

etc, etc.


P.S. If you need another stick of 128mb of PC133, send me a PM and I'll hook you up for really cheap

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Old 02-27-2006, 08:09 PM   #5 (permalink)
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oh thats really cool ! umm when I get more money I'll be HAPPY to buy that ram off you ! how does your computer run by the way? plan on any future improvements? do you have AGP? haha sory for the loading of questions
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i think buying new ram is the only upgrade thats available to you. you can't upgrade video card since pci video cards don't come much better than that... and i assume you don't have agp slot since you're using pci vid card.. can't replace cpu since the mobo you have is obsolete. so for short term, maybe buy another stick of ram. then the only thing you can do after that is to buy a new comp from scratch.
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Old 02-27-2006, 10:10 PM   #7 (permalink)
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what do you guys suggest I do to upgrade then? anything at all I can salvage from my computer? anything? haha. also i wana know whats the cheapest cost for a Socket A Mobo + AMD Athlon XP cause I think thats what im going to upgrade to
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pc chips has a killer mobo with onboard cpu combo on newegg for $100, its what i use and its pretty fast, as for upgrading that machine, it would be a waste of $$$$

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