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Arrow NEED THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!! DELLs!!

OK, I hear so much crap about Dell desktops... is it true? People always say they use crappy parts. I bought a Dell desktop in 1998 and I'm still using it with Windows 98. It was expensive as **** when I bought it though, it was top of the line, and it still runs great. Anyway, I also have a 2006 Dell Laptop and it's great ( but that's a laptop). So, has the Dell desktop quality have been going down since the 90's or something?

I need proof, what parts are they using to build their desktops. When people say they use crappy parts, I think they are referring to the systems that starts around $600. I'm looking to get an XPS which starts at $999 (better parts maybe??), but I've been hearing this crap about Dell that I'm about to build my own. Does anyone have proof that they use crappy parts?

Use my advice at your own risk.

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Dell use cheaper parts (often of lesser quality) so they can sell their pc's with more profit. Their systems don't leave much room for expansion. For example, they put a 300W power supply in our two-year-old Dell, there is no place for case fans at all, and the whole set-up makes for a very tight fit which makes it hard to configure.

The Dell we bought cost us around $1,500. At the time we bought it, the videocard (an ATi x300) was already considered to be a low budget card. The case was poorly designed with bad airflow and bad sound reduction due to plastic panels. The psu could only just handle what was already in it, and I found the cpu heatsink impossible to remove.
The one and only upgrade I had ever done to it was replace the videocard with a 7900GT. Because of the Dell layout, it kept overheating and crashing. When I built a new system with this card I had no problems at all.

Dells are pretty decent if you just want a retail pc, and if you treat it well it will last you quite some time, but you can get a lot better for the same price if you care to really put your mind into it when buying a new pc.

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If you dont mess around with a Dell, then your good. If your a member of this forum, you learn to hate a Dell for obvious reasons.
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I had a dell a long time ago before i built this rig that sucker was great never failed me for 6yrs finally the psu or the motherboard went out cause it wouldnt start up one day. The only thing you could really do on it was surf the net thats about it. The Dell XPS are supposed to be great but honestly there not for as much as your going to buy one for we could prolly build you a rig on here for the same cost and it outperforms it.
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Dells are not bad computers, i would consider it one of the better pc makers out there. But when considering price/performance, you can obviously build a way better computer for less. Dell's aren't made for upgrading, you stick with what it came with for the most part. From what i've heard many components will only work with the mobo supplied with the computer. If your not an avid gamer, and don't know much about building one (its really not that hard, the hardest part would be picking the right parts imo) then a dell is not a bad way to go.

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Many computer makers like HP, Compaq, and Dell use RDRAM, which is a pain to upgrade.
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Dell's aren't made for upgrading
QFT! They use mobos that have had the graphics slot removed to save money (of the low end models... which is what most people buy).

Many computer makers like HP, Compaq, and Dell use RDRAM, which is a pain to upgrade.
RDRAM is pretty much a thing of the past... but they sure used it back in the day.

The only thing you could really do on it was surf the net thats about it.
A Dell will only do what it is built to do. But, even if you confige one to be a "gaming machine", it would still suck and cost too much... Dell uses mid-range graphics cards at best, and charge way too much for them. Plus, the cards they use are crippled.
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I got a Dell Dimension 4550 back in 2002/03 when I was feeling lazy and not in the mood for building a pc again.

It came with an Intel motherboard with the 845PE chipset, a P4 2.66, 512Mb of DDR333 by Crucial, an ATI 9700 pro, and a SB Live. I think I paid around 1100$ which wasn't too bad at the time (including: KB, mouse, speakers, 17in monitor etc..)

To me, these are quality parts, and I doubt the kings of re-distribution are going to change for the worse. They will always offer what is popular and what people want. For a price $$$...

The problems with asking questions on forums like these, is that they will often get answered by: kids who don't know any better, or hardcore gamers that upgrade their systems every week and have their homepage set to

I will admit that the upgrade bug, is VERY powerful, and has gotten me sick again.

Gotta go to newegg and pick me up that mobo with the i965 chipset, a core2 duo, and a couple gigs of DDR2 800 now...Which is all going back into my Dimension 4550 case.
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Dell really knows how to convince you to buy a computer. With their special $400 PC's with 17" monitors, sure they're slow, but they are good enough for a beginner to read emails and stuff.
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Originally posted by vaderpro

My power supply turned to gel,
I dont know who to tell,
This new memory wont even fit,
This truly must be the ****z,
The slot that's supposed to be,
You guessed it, no AGP!
Cant upgrade, swap or sell,
Good god, I must own a Dell....


P4 3.2
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