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Default Need help regarding RAM! Please! (Novice)

Hello, am in dire need of help, and hope someone can ease me, I am running quite an old computer and want to try to max it out before having to throw the cash out to completely rebuild it, my specs are

Asus P4S800 motherboard
ATI Radeon X1650 Pro (AGP)
Pentium 4 3.0GHz w/ Hyperthreading
and am using a 500W Power supply

Now, this motherboard is extremely old I can tell, it only accepts single cored processors, DDR type RAM, and only AGP gfx cards, so my CPU is maxed then, but my GFX card could probably take one more jump before it's maxed out, first question is, would my computer be able to handle this GFX card okay?

Sapphire Radeon HD 3850 Video Card - 512MB GDDR3, AGP 8x, (Dual Link) Dual DVI, HDTV, HDMI Support 100228L in Canada at

other than needing a more powerful powersupply, is there anything else I should know? It seems to be the final card AGP-motherboard owners can go to before the end. :\

Secondly, in terms of RAM, I am curious whether or not my brother built this computer up wrong, I've never been a pro with computers in terms of knowledge or experience other than personally just taking apart the power supply or changing or replacing and putting in a new sound card and gfx card (from moving up from an ATI X700 Pro, to the X1650)

I never understood the abbreviations for many words used in the manual like DIMM's and Non-ECC or etc til' a while ago when I did a tiny bit of research, but from what I can fully see, my motherboard has 3 slots for RAM, can support a max of 3GB of Unbuffered, Non-ECC DDR RAM. My question is, if this website is correct;

Kingston Technology Company - Memory Search - Modelsinfo

About my motherboard, then does it mean the RAM that's currently in my computer (3 sticks of Kingston's KVR400X64C3, which is then if I am correct (unsure), that my 1.5GB of DDR RAM is using 3 400MHz sticks of PC3200 RAM, meaning if that website is correct, my computer should ONLY be using a MAX of 1GB of that TYPE(400MHz) of RAM? and not go beyond 1GB?

That site is telling me I assume, that in terms of 400MHz-RAM's, I should only use 400MHz to the max of, 1GB, nothing higher. but if I were to use 333MHz or 266MHz of DDR RAM, then with 333MHz, I can go to 2GB, and with 266MHz I can max it out with its peak of 3GB, if I can find 3 1GB/1024MB-worth of 266MHz-RAM's.

My question is, if my Motherboard is actually using 3 400MHz, to make up 1.5GBs, was this indeed built up wrong? Is my logic or research or assumptions true? and is this damaging to my system if so? If I'm not wrong, what could GO wrong with my computer?? As well as I must ask, in terms of peaking out this computer, what would be the best RAM to use, and which type of RAM, and what MHz or how many GB's should I am for to get the most out of my computer?

Someone please help!

- Mounce

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Default Re: Need help regarding RAM! Please! (Novice)

it would most likely be best just to go with 2gb's of ram at 266MHz.

or if you are feeling lucky then you might want to try 3Gb of ram at 400MHz.

but how much do you want to spend? and are you running vista or XP


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Default Re: Need help regarding RAM! Please! (Novice)

I think philbar meant 2GB @ 333MHz or 3GB at 266MHz.

3GB @ 266MHz would be your max, as a 32-bit OS can only handle 3.5GB of memory. You would have 3GB on your board and an additional 512MB (.5GB) on your new graphics card, hitting the limit.

2GB is considered the sweet spot with XP, or it used to be.
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Default Re: Need help regarding RAM! Please! (Novice)

I use Windows XP, ya

but, I'm unsure, you think 2 1GB's of 333MHz would be the best, but what could happen if I 'try' 3GB's of 400MHz as philbar said? Wouldn't that just hurt, damage or decrease the speed :\?

Or, would possibly these be best of the following

400MHz =

1GB - X - X
512mb - 512mb - X
512mb - 256mb - 256mb

333MHz =

1GB - 1GB - X
1GB - 512mb - 512mb

266MHz =

1GB - 1GB - 1GB

?.....Which of those obvious combinations' would more than likely make my computer run the best, my computer being generally being for Gaming? As what both have so far said, and just to confirm, you'd say 2GB at 333MHz would be best? and if I could ask, how much in % could my computer get from doing this? and should I remove that extra RAM-stick thats in my computer right now? Is it even enabled or detected? etc etc, I have soooo many questions :\
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