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Default Mac or PC?

I need to buy a new computer. I am trying to decide whether I should get a Mac or PC? Which one is better?

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Default Re: Mac or PC?

The PC is going to be faster and it will give you more software options. Building it yourself will give you the best performance for your dollar.

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Default Re: Mac or PC?

Why is the PC faster? Don't Mac's use the same intel chips?
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Default Re: Mac or PC?

depends what you're going to do with it, your budget, however much you want to spend and how much you wanna work.

Quick differences, Macs will be a bit more expensive with the same hardware configuration, and some applications that you would want to run on windows won't run on mac and vice versa. Other than that you're the one buying the computer so it's up to you.

We can answer your questions, and try to avoid bias, but your question is very broad and opinionated.
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Default Re: Mac or PC?

Originally Posted by geekbit131 View Post
Why is the PC faster? Don't Mac's use the same intel chips?
Yes, theyre the same chip, but as stated above, Macs are more pricey, so the total package cost more, so for the same dollr amount, you won't get the same level of chip.
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Default Re: Mac or PC?

PC seems to be more flexible with softwares and upgrades too. if you compare a mac with the same specs as a pc the mac will probably cost a lot more
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Default Re: Mac or PC?

^not a LOT more, but yeah usually it'll be more (more so for the desktops than the laptops).
Macs get hardware refreshes every now and then, so unless they've just done a refresh then you'll be stuck with older hardware sometimes. That's really the only thing to look out for, don't just buy. Check when the lineup was last changed, if it was recently then you're ok but if it's been a while it might be worth waiting.
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Default Re: Mac or PC?

This is too... open of a question. It always depends on what you're going to be doing with it. If it's going to be a desktop, I'd say build your own Windows PC (more power for your money).. If you're in a tight space, go with an iMac (or a similar Windows machine). If it's going to be a laptop, I'd say buy a Mac. The operating system just fits and works better on a laptop than Windows does, in my opinion Mostly because the hardware is built for the software and vice versa. The track pad is the best I've ever used, not to mention most (if not all now) MacBooks have backlit keyboards.

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