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I dont think i want to try overclocking,its almost garanteed i would break something. i dont know enough.

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its easy to learn how to overclock so maybe it is worth considering. we all start of not knowing how to do it we can't be born knowing everything.

Get a good HSF, learn to overclock? Aren't the new Celeron's pretty decent for overclocking? Or am I thinking of the Pentium D's...
yeah, the celeron D overclocks well because it is a modified prescott core. the celerons have always overclocked relatively well and in fact its probably why they still exist. the celeron would have flopped if it weren't for the popularity of overclocking the celeron 300A (300mhz) which could roughly double in clock speed for considerably less cost than comparable PII's

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Demortix just have Newegg ship to your parents/friend's house. You may have to call and verify it over the phone but it should work.
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Originally posted by talldude123
Dont worry about having a Celeron, you can still game, as long as you have good parts.

Think of it like having a Honda Civic, with good exhaust and NOS on it, and having a Ferrari. Sure, the Ferarri will be fast, but the modded Civic will be just as fast, just cheaper. That's an example of the Celeron vs. Athlon.
okay.. i know i'm probably going out of line here.. but thats a terrible comparison.... adding exhaust and Nitrous will not make a honda civic go as fast as a ferrari.. and to get a nitrous injected system going is not cheap. You'd have to bore out your cylinders because the bore a civic has is so incredibly crappy, you won't be able to burn enough gas. And not only that.. nitrous is not cheap to keep refilling.. At least if you want a good one.. you'd need much more than that to make a 18 second car run 12's or low 13's....

On the other hand.. the ferrari will still have its warranty, and be fast under any condition, while a honda civics wheel base is not wide enough to get the traction needed to pull 1 g of force to pull a nice turn like a ferrari could

a much better comparison would be making a base model covette c5 to a z06 simply by adding the ls6 parts onto it

i'm sorry bout this.. i just don't like the misconception of making a car fast as being "easy". My friend had to spend a great deal of money to make his honda go fast...
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Maybe i should start a "How Computers are like Cars" forum. :P anyway, my vid card and power should be here wensday. (oh Creator i have a 7 day work week, dang switching days) but its all good cause now i have wesday off. enough ranting.

Alright, so when i think of upgrading my CPU, whats good for relitive cost? i pretty much have everything i need to build my own except motherbored, case, and CD-drive. bah. whatever, im not gunna be upgrading for a while anyway. ill let yall known how the gaming goes.

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