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Default Installed new amd MB and processor, reinstall OS?

My old pent4 motherboard is fried. I have all the new hardware in place. Is their a fix so not to reinstall windows xp? I can get it to boot from a disk and get the the desk top. It runs, which for me is good.

I am assuming, I have to reinstall because of the 64bit stuff?
This is my first system, so take it easy on me guys.

I wasn't able to back up any files before the crash.
Was hoping to not have to reinstall OS. I am not looking forward to loading all the software and games again.

Antec 430 watt truepowerII and case.
AMD 3200+ 2ghz Venice
2 gb dual channel pc3200 corsair memory.
Abit UL8 motherboard, very easy to install.
ati 256mb agp card (existing)

I was saving up for dual core but wasn't there as of yet so went this route. I will buy another motherbaord with pci-express ati crossfire, add dual core processor and 20 in widescreen LCD down the road. Still checking on the crossfire technology. Not sure having two video cards is worth it with the current games I play. (mostly BF2)

thanks for the help
I have windows xp home
Should I go pro?
Vista coming out soon, but I want to wait and see what happens with it.

If I go pro, upgrade from xp home will that cause me to lose all info on harddrive anyway? Will it resolve the hardware issues? HAL and applications?

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Default Re: Installed new amd MB and processor, reinstall OS?

I'll try to answer all of the questions in there, but if I miss one let me know.

1: It is advisable to reinstall everything
2: However you might be able to just run the repair wizard to get the os running. You still might have to reinstall all of your applications.
3: The 64 bit stuff only applies if you have Windows XP 64 bit edition otherwise your 64bit capable processor runs as a 32bit processor.
4: As a professional IT guy I have to remind you that backing up is important on any system! (nobody follows that advice, but we are duty bound to remind you of it anyway)
5: Only go for a two video card solution if you have ample money to burn. It isn't necessary to spend twice the cost of a GPU to get the uber most FPS.
6: Pro is better than Home, but I would wait for Vista anyway.
7: If you get an upgrade disc it should save all of your data, but you may end up reinstalling all of your applications anyway.
8: What hardware issues are you refering to?

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thanks for the reply.

I want to get Windows XP Pro, but should I get the 64bit edition?
I am scared of it, have read so many things about issues with drivers.

I have two hard drives installed, all vital info on both drives.

When I format the c: drive and install pro, Do I need to format my second drive as well? I was using WinXP home before.

Right now I can get the system to boot from CD but not hardrive.
It will not load in safe mode or start normally. So far no luck in getting the Os running. I have not been able to install the drivers for the new MB as of yet. I am enjoying the features the Mb has so far though.

I want to wait awhile to see what happens with Vista. Let it spread and see what issues come up, never know what may happen with Windows.

Pros and cons of the WInXP Pro 64bit edition?

I do not have a product key for my current winxp home cd. My old system was a Gateway Pent4 2 ghz that finally died on me.

Everything is new
AMD MB Abit UL8 (nice features) Will handle dual core CPU
AMD 3200+ Venice CPu (little noisy)
2gb corsair dual channel ram XMS
Existing ATI 9800pro 128mb VIdeo card, AGP
(want to get 256mb card)
Antec truepowerII 430 watt quiet case.

First system I have done on my own.
A little lost at times. Finding my way though.

thanks again
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Windows XP 64bit has been out for over a year now so most of the driver issues should have been addressed by now, but it won't hurt anything to go with the standard 32bit version either as very few games and applications take advantage of 64bit capabilities. Go with whatever you are comfortable with.

Where those two drives in some type of RAID array or where they independant drives? IDE or SATA?

Formating erases all of the data on a hard drive. You will need to be sure that you have your data backed up elseware before you format. Typically you only need to reformat the drive that had Windows installed on it. In other words you should only have to format both drives if they each had an independant copy of Windows on them.

Check your connections on the hard drive and motherboard to make sure that they are plugged in correctly, check the jumpers on the back of the drives to ensure that they are correct for your current setup, and then check your bios settings for boot order and adjust it as nessecary.
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Master and slave for HD's
no raid
IDE ata/133
OS on master HD

boot order

Ide cables are correct
Pin one match
pushed in all the way

I have tried to repair it several times.

On screen that says boot from Cd press any key its says something like No bus, PCI and something else.

It tries to boot I see the windows XP home pop up with green bar but then it goes back to the screen asking to boot from cd
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