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Default Insane computer setup

Anyone got a good list of parts for the best computer you can possibly make? Me and a friend are gonna build one for his uncle and we are told we have an unlimited ammount of money - just make the best.

I was thinking AMD FX-60, new asus sli board, two 7800gtx's (maybe even 512's if i can find it), 4 gigs of ram, 2 250gb hd, water cooled, maybe an x-fi pro or something...

I just am having problems deciding what cooling system will work best.

What are yall's favorate HD brands and cooling brands and is X-Fi worth it? This is just the case were talking about. He's got his home theater system being setup and speakers and monitor wont be nessesary. He already decided on some logitech wireless kb and mouse so really all i need is everything inside the case...

so list the best possible setup available and if anyone has any info on upcoming technology that maybe he should wait for please include that too..

Thanks guys!

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ye i like the FX 60, DFI mobo, several WD raptor 150gb in raid, u should wait for the nvidia 7900 i think its the G71 core, the best creative soiund card is what u want, sooo worth it.
hmm idk if 4 gigs of ram would overload it or not cause id get
like two of these

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I would get 2 x 1GB sticks of RAM. 4GB will not give you as high speeds, plus the fact that there is more memory makes it slower when accessing it.

and yeah, the 7900's should come out this february also...
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The raptors are a good idea, but if you want some extra storage drives, Hitachi makes a good SATA II drive (2 x 500Gb).
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Sata II is pretty worthless as of right now. The hard drive doesn't utilize the extra bandwidth, except for the cache of the drive... which doesn't contribute that much.


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Didnt know nvidia's new release will be so soon. I'll let him know but hes not gonna know what im talkin about anyways.

As far as SATA II, I think I'm gonna have to pass on it. I'll go with RAID. I've heard better things from my CSS clan mates.

I always thought ASUS had the best mobo? Guess not?

And as far as 4 gigs go, if its gonna be a 64 bit system then theoretically 16gb would be possible and someday soon 4 gb will be usefull. Am I thinking too far into the future? His computer rite now is a 350Mhz Gateway with windows 98 (not even SE) so this shows u how long he makes his computers last.

Also check out this case I've ordered for him. this thing is SWEET
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you must be a millionaire,
How does it feel to be able to buy anything you desire!
I feel good even though i cant aford a cheap computer!
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just get the most expensive parts duh..
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Originally posted by chron
As far as SATA II, I think I'm gonna have to pass on it. I'll go with RAID. I've heard better things from my CSS clan mates.
SATAII and RAID are different things. SATAII (or SATA 150) is the actual physical interface between the hard drive and the motherboard. RAID (redundant array of independent disks) is a setting you can choose to use to increase performance and/or redundancy. You can use SATAII drives in RAID

As for cooling, check out this article

If he has some really nice speakers, then the x-fi is definately worth buying.
If money isnt a problem, then why not.
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dude, build it cheap, like an x2 4800+, overclock it a little, don't do SLI... (only like 20% performance increase) and charge a lot for the building.. (like 400 bux or so) so you can have some $$$ for your pocket. unless you're rich too and you don't need it...

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