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Default High speed internet

I am lan connected via Speetouch 716WL to Bulldog ADSL 16 MB/sec and on thei own www.speedtest.bulldogdsl.com I can only get around 5.6 MB/sec and A.Beltronica gives 3.9 MB/sec

All tests done between 0230 and 0430 weekdays to avoid contention issues.

Commincated wth Bulldog and fuller.zen.co.uk/test and this gave, in effect, around 6.3 MB/sec

They then checked my line and said that it was "excellent"

Ran cmd/netstat and there were some 15 entries which they said might be interfering.

But I have a secondary drive with nothing on it other than XPpro/SP2 and nvidia video driver and repeated the execise and the download figures were not significantly different

Then they suggested that the router might be at fault and suggested resetting it which I did and nothing changed

Finally they suggested Netgear DG834 would be, perhaps, rather better. but I have looked at reviews and am totally discouraged.

I am not a techie and need aissistance to get somewhre near their clained 16 MB/sec download speed.

System is:
A8N SLI motherboard
AMD 4200 CPU
2 GB PC3200 RAM
2X 120 GB drives
OS: Fully updated XPro/SP2

PitStop evaluation 2445

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for one thing be sure to look at the capital B's in Mbps. Capital B is Bytes not bit's. (there are 8 bits in a byte) 16Mbps is a very fast in fact super fast internet connection. In my area the fastest you can get is 6mbps and it is called extreme highspeed. all routers are on the wired side 10/100 at least. That's 100 mbps so It shouldn't cause you any issues. Hook directly to the modem and Run the speed test with out the router. Run the tests again and in the results if it is giving you 3.9M"B"s (capital B) don't say anything that is 31Mbps. High speed Internet speeds are always given in Mega bits Per Second.

We offer up to 16 meg download speeds across our services - this is superfast broadband, and much faster than you can expect from other ISPs.
Hopefully you got the unlimited because you could burn up your 1gb bandwidth in an hour at that speed, lol

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in order to get their advertised speeds you would probably have to be right next to their server, plugged up straight into it, w/ a gigabit ethernet card, with like gold wiring, if not straight up optical.

because, if you think about it from a marketing point of view, that's how they'd test it. so think twice before attempting to get within 30% of their top speed, I'd say.

Best of luck, though
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Old 05-17-2006, 06:48 AM   #4 (permalink)
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When quoted a speed by BT your almost guaranteed it, however, Bulldog who run off BT's lines when they offer you a speed you are not guaranteed to get it.
Few people I know have Bulldog and were told that the 16 they were quoted at is actually shared between several people at their local exchange.
Basically its not 16 per user it's 16 per several users.

In my honest opinion, go with BT, not bulldog. They have had problems from the very start.
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I have the DG834 and its not to bad.

I'm on BT 8Mbps but due to my distance from the exchange I actually only get about 4.5Mbps stable.
This is simply the hardware limitation in my local connection, no matter who I connect with I won't get more than that.
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