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Neph 12-03-2005 01:36 PM

Help Upgrading Video Card And Ram
Hello I need to improve my video card and my ram so that I can A) play some of the games that are out B) Render my 3D models and Animations with little lag.

I have the typical Noob computer

Dell Dimension 8200
512 Ram
nVidia GeForce MX 420
Pentium 4 2.26 GHz processor
and 40 gb hard drive.

I have about a $500 price limit split between Video card and Ram

I don't Really know what the best stuff for my computer would be. I know that the Geforce 7800 is the top of the line but I want something that won't fry my mobo or does some other evil thing to my computer or my wallet.

And Definitly something that will last.


Ridlyn 12-03-2005 01:47 PM

Ram $65.55

Video Card $279

Neph 12-03-2005 01:54 PM

I read some of the reviews for the video card you suggested and they say it gets Really hot. Is that something that will effect my computer's performance.

Ridlyn 12-03-2005 06:34 PM

No it wont degrade system performance, and probably the people who complain about overheating they probably have oced the video card.

You could probably afford this ram instead of just 1gb

PZEROFGH 12-03-2005 06:49 PM

defintely get this for the same price, it whoops the 6800GT to the ground, same price also what a steal :D


looks like you have an AGP slot and you can only get AGP, i would get the eVGA 6800GS IN AGP when it comes out this coming week for around 200 then buy 1GB of ram

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