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thanks for the replies everyone! I hope i dont sound like an idiot to you guys, i'm trying to learn lol.

1. If im going to be make games( unity, 3DSMax ) will the i7 2600K still be better(without overclocking)?

2. I've never overclocked before, so does more...uh.. overclocking(?) shorten the lifespan by more? Like if i go up 1Ghz compared to .5Ghz

3. I've been reading around, and im seeing that people dont recommend using 4 RAM modules? I have 3 modules right now and my computer says i have 6GB RAM so im assuming they are each 2GB. Would it be better to switch out one of the 2GB modules with 4GB module or to just buy another 2GB module?

Im not sure if my last post went through -_- so ill write it all again just incase.

1.If im not overclocking, would the i7 2600k still beat the i5-2500k? Also, i want to make games with unity and 3DSMax so is the i7 2600k good for that? Or does that depend more on the GPU?

2. is this PSU compatible with this MotherBoard and how can you tell so i can do it myself next time.

3. I have 3 2GB RAM modules. I want to have 8GB ram, so is it better to add another 2GB module, or to switch out one of the ones i have for a 4GB module?

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Default Re: Help Upgrading PC for Gaming

1. yes. but if you dont over clock your processor, with all due respect, you are a fool. it is SO easy now-a days and you can get about 40-50%+ more performance out of your processor for FREE!

2. back in the day the more youover clocked your processor, it could effect its life span, that is no longer the case, keep that baby cool and you can push her for all shes worth with no worries ( except over volting, that could fry your CPU )

3. it depends what chipset you are using, its its 1155 then 2 ram sticks are better, 2x 4gig sticks. i dont know what ram you have now but it seems like its older and i doubt you will be able to use it in your new rig.

1a. the ONLY difference between the 2500k and the 2600k is that the 2600k has hyperthreading. so that means that a program that utilize hyperthreading will see 8 cores even tho its a 4 core processor. in applications that cannot use hyperthreading, they will perform almost identicle. A lot of time people disable hyperthreading to get a higher stable overclock on their 2600k processors..

2a. for a motherboard to be compatiible with a powersupply all we are looking at is teh 24 pin connector, and the 8 pin connector, that powersupply has both so you are good to go...

3a. like i said above we dont know what kind of ram you have now... so we arent even sure if you can use the ram you haev now with your new setup...

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Default Re: Help Upgrading PC for Gaming

I've decided that i will be overclocking. I read around and it looks like a need some new fans? What would you guys reccomend?

ps. the processor ill be using is the i5 2500k

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