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Default help me buy a pc

ok its my Bday soon an the possibility of a new pc is in hand. heres what i woudl like you guys to do (if ya wanna)

i have a

512MB RAM (2x DDR 256MB)
K7t266 pro MOBO + AMD athlon XP 1600 1.40Ghz
I ATX case wiht a 300W PSU
and a PCI wireless enthernet adapet

using this site can you try and make me the cheapest decent performance machine possible, bearing in mind i cna reuse any of the parts above. just paste the link to each item and at the end give a quick sytem specs, thsi would realy really help me as some things like GFX cards i know not to much about and there are some people here who do ...but even taking the PSU out and gettin a better one and reusing the ATX case i wudnt mind...dont really need a monitor or keyborad or mouse or any Peripherals. BTW 512mb RAM is ok fro me if cheap 1GB woyudl be nice but im using a winXP with many tweaks so it runs very good.

would really appreciate ti if you guys could help...BTW also leave the
price maybe

EDIT : this site is also ok

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Im not going to take the time to look threw those sites. +im not familiar with the Newest generation of Motherboards.(so you'd have to google reviews on 775 boards or whatnot to find witch is the best brand), but...

in general you have 2 choises it think>

you can go the budget "Intel Core2 Duo" router... or the even cheaper, but older "AMD A64" route.

Note - the Core2 Duo's are superior, but the A64's are also good especialy since they cut there price... and If the Core2 Duo components are out of your Price range, dont worry anyway, cause Either way you chose.... either system will still blow away your current piece of junk.

the "Core2 Duo" option

you'd need at least
) e6300 core2 Duo CPU (~1.8Ghz) (dont judge new CPUs by GHz's)
) a compatable s775 motherboard (like i said im not familar with these boards, but best bet is to probably stay with "intell chipsets" usch as "i965/i975/etc") or "nforce4/nforce5 chipsets")
) DDR2 Ram, at least 667mhz (800 is tops [not much diff performance wise between the 2 speeds either since they run on a divider)
) 1xGB (2x512 pack) of Ram. (If you wont to play any modern game without Lagg, you need a miniimum of 1GB total Ram) (2x512, so you can run 2 Sticks in Dual-channel Mode)
) a 7600GS or 7600GT or anything above.
) at least a ~450watt Dual 12v Rail 24pin Powersupply (to get a genearl grasp of good PSU brands see here -

the little more Cheaper "AMD 64" option

price/performance wise you should at least have a:
) Dual core 3800+ or single core ~3500/~3700+ (socket 939 or socket AM2 = thy perform the same so it doesn matter witch = choose witchever motherboard and Ram is cheaper | Am2 needs DDR2 wereas 939 usess DDR1)
) ASUS, Gigabyte, or DFI motherboard.. and 'MSI' i think is the other good brand too.
) 1xGB (2x512 pack) of Ram
) same GFX card as the other option.
) same PSU as other option.
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