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Atrusthegod 03-07-2006 11:07 PM

Hard Drive
So I need a new hard drive. I have a Seagate 160 gig right now. 7200rpms. Ultra ATA100. Im lookin for a ATA133 with 16mb of cache. Unfortunately all I can find is Maxtor with those specs and I have heard of maxtor hard drives catching fire.... Plus a friend of mine had a maxtor external hard drive and it already died not even 2 years of use. Any ideas?

SHAWN 03-07-2006 11:12 PM

Purchase a SATA controller card and buy a SATA150 drive

jeremy 03-07-2006 11:47 PM

or simply go ahead with the original plan which is to get an ata133 maxtor , look if youll search on the net youll find out that alot of ppl had issues with all hd manufactures not only maxtor , just cuz some ppl didnt had much luck with their maxtor it doesnt mean the same will happen to you

Atrusthegod 03-07-2006 11:49 PM

But getting a sata150 card is for pci... what data rate will I be transferring at since im working off a pci slot... I just want to replace the one I have and put the os on the new one..

jeremy 03-08-2006 01:56 PM

the pci bus maximum transfer rate is 132mb but dont take it too seriously. its not like sata1 drives actually achieve a 150mb transfer rate its much less , anyway if your gonna get an sata pci card i recommend sticking to "promise" as far as i know their the best manufacturer in that field , but think about it from the capacity point of view if you wont buy an sata card then youll be able to buy a bigger capacity hd , as for replacing i wouldnt just take out the current and replace with the newer as its not data protection wise your better of having both connected for backup purposes just use some automated backup software, sure you can backup to other partition on the same hd but if the hd dies.. and the chances that both hds will die on same time is about 1 to a million , oh and btw seagate hds have 5yr warranty

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