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Default Gigabyte Question (free rant included)

So Ive been looking for a mobo thats not $220 or $270 so I can upgrade to C2D, and I noticed the Gigabyte GA-965P-DQ6. Its a **** sexy board filled chock full of OC features and nice silent passive cooling. Anyways, I read in a review that the Q in the name (DQ6) is for the upcoming Quad core CPUs. However the GA-965P-DS4 was going to come out soon. The DS4 is essentially the same board without quadcore (kentsfield) support, or a crazycool under motherboard heatsink (I noticed that the holes are there, so in theory you can add it.) Also the DS4 has only a 6 phase power design instead of the 12 phase found on the DQ6. The best thing is that while the DQ6 is $269.99 the DS3 is 149.99, so the DS4 should be about $200!!, So everythign I want on the board (great overclocking (board goes up to 600Mhz, passive Silent Heat Pipe, price, looks, layout, etc etc) and I cant get it!

Well I was doing a bunch of research and I found somewhere where a user had contacted Gigabyte and was told that shipments of the DS4 had gone out to major vendors about the time when it was put up on thier site (early last week) and would be about $199 MSRP. Well Ive yet to see ANY DS4 ANYWHERE. only in Australia or the UK have I seen this board available for purchase. WTF! Why is it that they have it listed on the site, and you an even find a place to buy it but NOONE in the US has it.

So I did what any normal person would do, adn wrote to tech support. Great, what do they tell me? The DS4 is not released in the USA and there is no release date set. As well as there being no MSRP.

Now, I cant fully believe (although I want to) this post I saw where someone else had contacted Gigabyte. And I tried to ask Newegg btu they gave me the usual, it takes 6-8 weeks to put something online once we get it, product this FAQ here, thanks for shopping with us. Whatever. The never even ackwnoledged the product I inquired about. Form letter all the way. I was thinking that maybe a bunch of mobos would be released on the 7th along with the rest of the Conroe processors, but why would Gigabyte tell me that its not even out yet and that theres no date. Why not at least say, we shipped them to vendors, they will make them available in accordance to their business model or something.

Anyways, Im aggrivated becuase I leave to go back to school on the 21st. I have to build my comptuer before then becuase my current setup will be my moms (shes currently running win98, P3 600Mhz YUKK). And I have to have a buffer so that I can do troubleshooting and teach her how to use XP so she can migrate (although she uses XP at work, its always different on a personal comptuer).

Tommorrow Im contacking Newegg via Live Chat to see id they can at least tell me what the y knwo about the board. How do you have something shown as available on your US site, and not have it in stores, and not have an idea of a release date. Im sure they gave e a scripted line, but grrr.. I replied with a 'why not?' And we will see what happens.. I just wanted to share this with you guys.

Thats the free rant, here is the question:

Ive read reviews praising the DQ6 which is basically the same as the DS4, especially becuase theyre reviewing them with Conroes not Quadcores. So I expect the DS4 to perform at about the same level. Unfortunatly Ive heard quite a few bad things about Gigabytes board form people I trust as well as online. What do you guys think. I figure if you pay 50 bucks for a cheap board you get just that, a cheap board. If you pay $200 for a board than youll get a much highger qualit board. Anyone have experiances with Gigabyte boards? Also, do you think I have a certain amount of right to be ****ed about this situation. We all know there are like 5 Conroe ready motherboards on Newegg .

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wow if i really had the patience to read that, i would have totally givin you a better response.

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lol.. same
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that is a really long long long winded post!

I don't quite understand what your question is! :S
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I've had a couple of different Giga boards and loved them... no problems and very easy to OC...

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Yeah, I've had a couple of Gigabyte boards, and thought they were great as well. I'd highly recommend them. In fact, as a rule I try to purchase Tyan Supermicro or Gigabyte boards only for PC's that I'm building, although I'm generally looking for higher end features such as embedded SCSI, Dual Processors, and RAIDport's, so my selection of manufacturers has always been relatively limited.

Of course, I haven't built one in a while, so my impressions are going to be a bit out of date. I've currently got a dual Xeon running on a Tyan board.
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I've owned a Gigabyte board for about a year and a half now. I don't have any real complaints, but no real praises either.

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Thanks guys, I'm still working on getting the board, but its good to see that I'm making a good decision.

chrisds - the question was basically would you recommend a Gigabyte mobo.

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