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DarknessGlow 11-15-2010 07:39 PM

Getting away with 700w Supply? (GeForce 580 GTX)
Okay, before I begin let me post my specs:

700w Power Supply (Made by Xion, or that's the label anyway.)
AMD Radeon HD 5770 1gig (Primary)
GeForce 8800 GT 512mb
4gig DDR3 PC1600 RAM
On-board sound (using Tritton AX 720 headset)
500gig Harddrive

Now that this is out of the way let me state my question.

I plan on purchasing a GeForce 580 GTX. It will be replacing the Radeon HD 5770 and the GeForce 8800 GT outright and one will go into an older computer of mine for "Just in Case" purposes, while the other is sold off.

I used a quick thing to check if my specs would work. I used's custom computer maker thing they have and substituting my specs. They say the GeForce 580 requires at least a 750watt power supply. I read a review of the 580 stating Nvidia recommends 600watt supply for single card use and 850watt supply for dual in SLI. This has made me concerned.

I want to know from someone with a little better computer knowledge than myself if I can get by on a 700watt without dampening my gaming experience or browning out my computer power.

As I said, both the graphics cards will be removed as this card, from what I'm reading is more powerful than the two combined would be even if I could have linked them together.

Slaymate 11-15-2010 08:15 PM

Re: Getting away with 700w Supply? (GeForce 580 GTX)
A Xion power supply wouldn't be my choice with a High Dollar component like a GTX 580. I would definitely invest in a High-Quality power supply to protection my investment.

My (2) GTX 480's peak around 1000 watts during a heavy benchmarking session, with just one card active I'm getting close to 700 watts.

I would look at a nice Corsair power supply.

DarknessGlow 11-15-2010 08:19 PM

Re: Getting away with 700w Supply? (GeForce 580 GTX)
I know you said Xion isn't your prime choice, but I'm on a budget.

Would -->THIS<-- be serviceable?

Antec-User 11-15-2010 08:40 PM

Re: Getting away with 700w Supply? (GeForce 580 GTX)
I usually add about 15% over what I find on the calculator here. But before, I was just buying PSU's that were TOO big.

You can try this.. It's not the most up to date though.
Antec Power Supply Calculator

Slaymate 11-16-2010 07:55 AM

Re: Getting away with 700w Supply? (GeForce 580 GTX)
In reality a Xion 850w is probably about equal to a brand name 600w.

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