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Default Emachines Upgrade

I am wanting to upgrade my motherboard and processor for my emachines t2341. But I'm not sure what motherboards and cpu's would fit in there. I'm new to the whole building your pc thing.

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You have to get a Micro-ATX board. I'd go with an Athlon64 3200, MSI RX480 Neo2-F and 1GB of corsair valu select.

CPU: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16819103535
Motherboard: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16813130524
RAM: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16820145440


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Instead of upgrading your emachine.. just build yourself a new pc.. I built a custom pc, case, mobo, ram, processor, and a power supply.. all for a little under $300.
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can you give me an example of how you did your computer, or any instructions of how to? What is a mobo?
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mobo is the motherboard
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if you want to spend $300 you're probably better off getting a dell.

if you have upto $500, then you can get a nice setup. $400 if you want integrated video.
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thought i'd let you know how a build would look like..

antec case w/ 350watt psu $57

seagate 80gb sata2 HD $51

biostar mobo w/ integrated graphics AND a pci-express slot $69

1gb 2X512 dual channel patriot ram $70.50

3000+ venice s939 $117

total: $364.49 thats with integrated video.

if you have more money, you can invest in a video card.. something like this

sapphire x800gto $89 (you can get 6800xt for same price, but you'd have to use a $30 rebate)

total: $453.49 thats with a video card. (note: you might have to upgrade the powersupply if you want a better video card... won't increase price by too much...)

so you can decide whats best for you.. if you want to play video games, then the vid card option is what you want. if you don't play video games, then the integrated one is for you.

you can take a step back in technology and go s754 + sempron - might bring price down by $50 or so.. (not worth it..)

you can get really cheap dell w/ monitor for general use for like the same price. (don't even utter the word "gaming" when thinking this option...)
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You have a T2341, right? My current rig (soon to be replaced, and my wife gets this one) is/was a W2040.

It still has the original case, PSU, CPU, and mobo. I added a DVD drive, then replaced the CD burner with a DVD burner. I replaced the original 128MB with a stick of 256, then added another, then recently swapped one of them for a gig. I replaced the 40gig hard drive with a 160gig one. I added an older graphics card (no need for a top end). Of course, I did all of this over three-four years.

if you don't have the cash to plop down on building a new rig, ad what you can.

You have a 2400+. You can look into a faster CPU (they go up to 3200+, and there are a couple of them for sale in the Buy/Sell/Trade forum).

You have 128MB of RAM (unless you have added some)... RAM is a quick and relatively cheap upgrade; 512 would make a world of difference, a gig is better.

A graphics card whips integrated graphics any day, and you have an AGP slot. Pick up an older graphics card for $40-$75 easy.

Hard drives have come way down. You can pick up a 160 gig one for less then $100.

There is always options.


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