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Default dual p3 for first timer.

hey guys here at tech forums, i just registerd here to ask if building a dual p3 would be a good first time computer to build. i know alot about computers... anyways i think i do. but i dont have alot of money to spend. i will be buying it part for part. i found online at a online auction site a matched pair of intel p3 SL4BT 933MHZ slot 1 cpu's. here are the specs,


here is what the auction reads

This Item is Tested and In Working Condition
Item guaranteed Working On Arrival
PIII 933Mhz
133Mhz Bus Speed
256K Cache
1.70 Volt
Package Type SECC2
Auction for 2 Matching CPU's
Matching Heatsinks Included
i also thought that this would be a good motherboard.

Intel OR840 Dual SLOT-1 Workstation Board
10/100 LAN, Audio, INTEL BIOS

here is what that auction reads.

Working system pull for an Intel OR840 board (was running DUAL 1GHz P3's). This is the FASTEST DUAL P3 board: An Intel OR840 high end workstation board. Based on i840 chipset, it supports Dual PIII SLOT-1 CPUs (100/133 MHz bus), AGP 4X/AGP Pro 50, 2 GB RDRAM memory capacity, built-in sound and Intel 10/100 LAN. Genuine Intel board with latest Intel BIOS (Not OEM BIOS). Originally retailed for over $350, this one still carries a price tag > $250.

This board is in excellent working condition. Bare board only (as pictured) with 90 days exchange warranty.

I figured that this would be a good place to start for a computer. the board sold for 29.99 so i know i could get one of those easy. and the cpu's are 34.99 rite now and are "buy it know" for 49.99.

Any advice you guys can give me is greatly appreciated.
thanks alot

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What will you be using the machine for? What is your total cost budget? I ran 2xPIII 700mhz/100fsb/256L2 with 832mb RAM PC133 with XP SP2 and it was "ok". The 133fsb and the 933 should give you better performance, however that setup is good for internet, Office, and a foot stool. Dont plan on getting anything else out of it.
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for common using I suggest you not to build the dual cpu system

it's performance is not much better than the single ones which is not so expensive

PS:dual P3-S is powerful but cost more
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I ran Windows Server 2003 Enterprise on a Dual 400 MHz Pentium II and it was great, i used it mainly for a fileserver and it did a great job, server 2k3 didnt lag at all that i noticed.
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if you want to build a server, Dual CPU is much better
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i want to use this computer to play games on. strategy games like stronghold and games that are not on the ps2, xbox or gamecube. so rite now i guess probaly not to go with the dual p3 then rite. maybe i should go with a sempron 64bit and that has ht. from what i have heard, semprons are alright for general gaming. my buget is, that i dont want to go over $140 for a cpu, and i dont want to go over $100 for a motherboard. as for a graphics card i dont want to go over $80. the hdd i wont go over $100. anything after that i really dont care about the price as long as it is resonable. i will probaly be running windows me, be cause most applications require less ram.

im thinking maybe a amd athlon 64 3000+ newcastle 800mhz fsb socket 754 retail. and then combine that with a asus k8n4-e deluxe socket 754 nvidia nforce4 4x atx amd motherboard. please let me know if this would be a better place to start.
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A much better place to start. The Athlon 64 will give you much better performance over the slightly aging P3's you first considered.

The Sempron isn't a bad budget chip, but if you can find an Athlon 64 at a price within your budget I would opt strongly in favour of that.

Your prices seem reasonable and you should be able to get a reasonable system out of that. I don't fancy the idea of Windows ME, I had nothing but trouble with it but if it works for you, that's fine. I wouldn't skimp on the RAM either, although you aren't going to be pushign your machine to the limits, some strategy games can get a little CPU intensive so I would go with 512MB at least if the budget allows, preferably 1GB (Overkill some might say, but you can sure multitask with that much)

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hey cobalt sounds like a great idea, thanks. with you saying that i think i am going to save alittle bit more up and get a 3500+, that way i wont be having to upgrade as much. also i will deffinetly go with the 1 GB, because i just now thought that i will deffinetly be playing some other games besides strategy games. but that is the main reason for me wanting to get a pc, (i hate that how all of the console systems have no good selection of strategy games). but anyways back on topic, i thought about going with one of those amd 3700 cpu with motherboard at tigerdirect. but aparently they only come with a agp port instead of pci xpress. i will gather all of my items and post them up in alittle while, and i hope you guys can tell me if it will be a good computer.

thanks alot.
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Originally posted by haha103
for common using I suggest you not to build the dual cpu system

it's performance is not much better than the single ones which is not so expensive

PS:dual P3-S is powerful but cost more
Do you use Duel Core because I will tell you outright that is incorrect based on what I use and have used.

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