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Default Desktop for data computation

Hello all.

This is my first post so I'm not sure if this post belongs here.

I'm going to be a Graduate student and am in need of a new desktop/notebook for data computation. Currently, I am running a Fujitsu S-series lifebook with a Pentium M 1.4ghz and 1gb of ram on Debian Linux/Windows XP.

It is clear to me that my laptop is not as fast as it could be. Transforming data and manipulating data (around a million lines and 20 columns per line) take a good amount of time. Usually what I do is code in a text editor, then alt-tab over to my Statistics package and load the code. I guess the wait-time is not *that* bad assuming your code does not mess up, but my code usually messes up 5 minutes into the process.

Another gripe I have is the intense alt-tabbing I have to do. Usually I have a few text editors open, gaim (AIM), a few mozilla firefox windows, some openoffice documents, and a few terminals open. It's getting annoying, so I'm planning to have at least two monitors.

So here is my proposed setup for the concerns I just described. I hope you guys will comment.

*AMD Athlon 64 single or duo core processor
*2gb (overkill?) ram
*any mobo that supports cpu and ram
*mid-range graphics card (preferably Nvidia as it has native Linux drivers) that supports two or more monitors
*new PSU
*a few 19" lcds

As for the other parts, I will salvage from a computer I have at home: old ATX antec case, 160gb 7200rpm 8mb cache Maxtor hard drive and dvd burner.

I'm not sure what video card I might need to support what I do. I don't game (although I can't resist a new game sometimes, but I am not a hardcore gamer). I hope to just have firefox, text editors, and an occasional movie playing all at once.

Is this setup ideal for what I described? My budget is most likely $1000. Will you guys help me fill in the blanks for some of the brands/model numbers?

OR do you guys think my old AMD Athlon XP 2100 with 1gb ram and the above salvaged parts is good enough for data manipulation? I honestly don't know how the old desktop will compare to my notebook.


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k $1000 hmm.....lets see here.

AMD X2 3800+ $310
MSI K8n Neo4-f $75
2GB G.SKill dual channel $150 probably
Geforce 6800GT probably $150-180
Antec SmartPower 500watt $60
and 2 of these i guess

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I can always add a few hundred bucks if needed. =) But the real question is (since a user has listed the parts I was naming) is the amd x2 suited for my needs? would a single core be perfectly sufficient, or perhaps something cheaper?

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