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Default Couple Questions... Temp and s754

These are the parts.


Athlon 64 3700+ ClawHammer s754


First question, the motherboard manual says

"Because of CPU Limitations, if you want to install DDR400 memory modules in your system, please install either one double-sided or two single-sided DDR400 memory modules. The DDR400 speed will drop down to DDR333 if you install two double-sided or three single-sided DDR400 memory modules."

Those of you with s754 experience.... Is this Ram limitation specific to s754? or only specific CPUs? or only specific Motherboards?

Im asking because i dont yet have ram for this motherboard... i was only able to test the board out with DDR333 i have... But if that limitation affects my 3700, then i will need to watch out witch ram i get.

If thats the case.... how do i tell if the ram is Sinlge or Double-sided befor opening the retail packaging?

My second question is: What do you guys think of these temps, do you think the bios is properly reading CPU temp? room temp is roughly ~65F

with a normal 80mm Fan at 2000rpm on the Ninja... CPU temp = idle - 26*C , Load - 34*C

with Prime95 running Max heat for 1hr... i uncliped the fan from the Ninja while Prime95 was still running, and cpu temp rose up and almost froze at 50*C... but still rose very very slowly up to 51. at that point i clipped the fan back on and temp gradually dropped back to 34.

EDIT: o yea, in the BIOS, CPU fsb overclock option lists between 200 to ---> 400 something..... am i missing something here, isnt it impossible to overclock that high... so its kind of pointless to give you the option to even get near that fsb speed right?

do other motherboards allow you to select such a high fsb even though its impossible to run it that fast?

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The more important question to me is the Ram compatibility... so those of you with socket 754 A64's... or if you just know, please help.

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threw info given to me at other placess, iv come to the conclution that the ram limitation issue is just normal operation for all s754 CPU's... due to the aspecs of the CPU's onboard mem controler.

I do need info or Help though with manual ram settings... I came across a guy who said he encountered the ram limitation on his gigabyte K8NS mobo, so he just manually o/c'ed the ram back up to DDR400 speed, and it worked fine on his board.... I wont to attempt the same.

However there are no mem settings in my Bios.... i looked at his K8NS manual as well threw the gigabyte website and his mobo has even Less O/c options then mine.... So how did he o/c the memory? please advise?

The o/c options in Bios list as follows...
-CPU Frequency
-CPU Spread Spectrum
-K8 CPU Clock Ratio
-Robust Graphics Booster
-then a bunch of diff voltage options for cpu, PCIE, DDR, HT-Link

Is there a Program Tool from AMD that you can install to controle the CPU's built in mem controller or something?
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