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Default Considering New Computer, what do you think?

Well, I've decided that it's time to start building a new computer! I've been researching parts for a while now, and I've pretty much decided what I want to get.

I'm thinking of getting:
AMD Athlon64 Dual Core 3800+
ASRock 939Dual-SATA2 mobo
OCZ 1gb stick of RAM
Pioneer 16x DVD-RW
CoolerMaster Centurion 540 case
and for now I'm going to keep my old vid card, Radeon 9000 (will upgrade that later)

I would just like someone else's opinion on this setup, and I also had a question about the power supply.
The case comes with a 380W power supply, but will this be enough to run this setup? If so, will I need to upgrade it later, when I upgrade my video card?

Thanks for any replies!

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The coolermaster PSU's aren't too bad but aren't great, I'd say go for a Fortron Source 450W when you want to buy one.
I had my system in my sig running smoothly on a Nzxt stock 400W PSU fine, but switched it out just in case.
So to be safe, get a new one I'd say.
Also, ASRock is said to be a rather 'cheap' brand, so it may not have very features and may seem rather cheap when you look at it, if that makes sense.
Everything else looks fine, just be sure to upgrade that video card - because in gaming you'd be better off with an AMD 3000 Venice and a 6600GT (Or 6800GS, 7800GT, etc.) than a 3800X2 and a not-so-good videocard.

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Try some case with better PSU. The 380 W leaves you with little upgradibility in te future. You'd better have something like 450W+.

Also, the 3800 x2 doesn't help you as much as a better graphic card if you're going on gaming. Get a 3000 venice and a 7600 gt will be much better.

Also, consider getting more cheaper RAM. OCZ RAMs are for OCing. Get some Value Select corsair RAM for example.
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that radeon 9000 is probably agp, so you're forcing yoruself to get an agp board for the sake of that crappy video card. this is what i suggest. keep the dual-core cpu and get a mobo with integrated video and a pci-express slot.. integrated video these days is probably much better than that jurrasic 9000. after you've saved up, buy a good pci-express video card, and this way you also have dual core.. i think dual core is always the way to go.
ALSO, are you just getting 1 stick of ram? you know with 2 exact same sticks you can get dual-channel. so if you can't get another gig of ram, get 2 X 512mb of ram.. dual-channel gives good performance boost.
MSI mobo $75

this is a good example of a mobo you should get, it has integrated video with vga and dvi out, and also a pci-express lane for when you want to buy a good video card.

as for the powersupply, it should be good enough until you get a video card. you can either buy a good one now (probably save money) or buy a good one when you plan on buying your video card.

good luck
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thanks for the replies everyone and aliasad, i'll consider going that way... but the mobo i posted above is both agp and pci-e, so i was going to use my current agp card until i have enough money to upgrade, then i was going to get a nice pci-e one.
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get tehe ASRock for both PCI and AGP. My buddy has it and loves it.
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if i were to go the way that aliasad suggested, could someone please reccomend a motherboard that is better than the ASRock i posted earlier, but is either cheaper or the same price as that one?
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THIS MOBO seems interesting and it has a lot of features plus ANANDTECH has some good things to say about it.
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Most of the crossover boards have a limited selection of supported cards on the AGP or AGPro slots so verify your cards compatibility. Also using the ULI chipset you take about a 5% performance hit just to be able to use AGP. As Aliasaid pointed out a board with onboard video may be your better bet. Hope that helps
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alright i'm considering going the onboard-video route instead, could someone help me pick out a good pci-e mobo with onboard video from here:

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