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Default Computer not booting (please assist)

Hey Everyone,

I just recently picked up a ACER TRAVELMATE C300 Tablet PC.
When i got the computer from my co-worker it had Vista loaded on it. I formated the HD and installed Windows XP. I downloaded all the drivers from the ACER site, put them on a disk and installed them on the notebook.

Drivers and a Bios Flash update.

I ran all the drivers, and i did the Bios Flash update.
Computer Rebooted. and doesnt turn on any more

The Bluetooth light and one more turns on, and i can open the CD rom drive. so the system has power. but computer does not load.

I took the computer to a local Computer shop to get the CMOS reset, but he told me the motherboard has to be replaced. I dont believe he even opened up the computer. Yet along turn it on.

The comptuer is tricky to turn on. the power botton is on the side. and there are keys above the keyboard that looks like a power botton.

Any advice, comments, opinons...

The tech dude stated that the computer doesnt even turn on.
But when i had it, i got them lights and was able to open the drive. so thats why i think he doesnt even know how to turn the PC on.

Does any one have any advice on how to open this thing up to reset the cmos, to see if that solves my problem?

I dont want to fork out 400.00 bucks for a computer i just paid 400 for not even 36 hours ago.

GRRRR... NEVER DO BIOS FLASH unless you have to...

please help !!!!
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Maybe you could search the Acer website for some manual that explains how to open the laptop and reset the CMOS.

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Nope, they want you to send the computer to them, and they charge 100.00 up front. which is crazy, its cuz there Bios update that screwed it up... but they cant help you fix it. they want money and your PC.

I work on desktops all the time, but never worked on a notebook, and tell you the truth i am a little scared to open it up. i sorta tried but it just seems like if i pull on the covers its gonna break.

i dont know what to do. tommorrow i am going to the shop to make sure i can get it to show that there is power. then maybe have them open it up so they can do what i asked them to do which is reset the cmos.

but they say that it doesnt power up.. and it needs a new MOBO. which is once again crazy.. !!! hahaha
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maybe take it to a local place. like a pc-world (may be getting the name wrong) or something like that. there in every city almost.

****, if they could fix it and i'd be less than 100$ GO FOR IT

Of course don't tell Acer that.. as it would probably void ANY warranty you had.. (ouch if it was like 3 year too. lol)
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I don't have any Warranty, i got the PC used.
I already took the PC to a local shop but no luck

I found one on eBay, The display doesn't work on it.
And they are selling it as a Spare parts Computer. i offered him 200.00 for it. If they accept the offer then ill get it.
the only concern is that its in the UK.

If i don't get that one, ill keep looking on eBay and other places for a Space parts PC, because i cant see my self spending another 400.00

I can get another Notebook on eBay for the same price, so i personally think its not worth putting 400 into the computer, ill do 200.00 but not 400.00
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