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Old 03-07-2006, 11:59 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Computer advise.

I've been reading posts collecting information because i want to upgrade my p4 2.53ghz 1gig ram, ati s110 9250 256megs. This is a 2.5yr old computer so no SLI, PCI-E, ect..

I was eyeing the Athlon x2 64 3800+ But now not too sure. Seems a bit overkill and money IS an issue.

Can someone suggest a good inexpensive cpu that will last me atleast 3 yrs? I understand after a year or so i wouldn't be able to play everything at maxed settings, have no problem with that. Also not in a hurry since i don't have the funds yet. Still working on it. Maybe suggesting a long lasting MB would also help. I would prefer to get a rdy made system. I know how to put a computer together but the celeron i had built before was a nightmare the whole time i had it. Always problems but the compaq P4 i got from futureshop as never given me a single problem.

Was also thinking of going with 7800GT or GS (Not sure difference yet) With SLI.

If I could overclock the cpu so it would match the higher priced computers that'd be great but keep in mind i have no clue how this is done or how safe it is to do.

Anyway if you want to refer to items from a store i just buy from local stores like Futureshop Or this place
Also this place but they don't give you back your cash if you have a problem

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Do you live in the US? if so, i'd start buying your stuff from I'd suggest either the Venice 3200+ or 3500+ (I have the 3200+ venice) and its grrrrrrrrreat. Depending on what you are using this computer for, you could even go with a sempron processor. Celeron are usually real slow chips, is that what you mean by "nightmare"? Depending on the games you play and the money, eVGA 6600GT or eVGA 6800GS are great choices, and i hear overclock well. DFI are good mobos, I have a biostar which was fairly cheap, and its wonderful.


vid card:

mobo: - I think this is the 1 that people say is a good mobo, not 100% percent sure about the mobo though, gets pretty good reviews though.

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Old 03-08-2006, 08:51 PM   #3 (permalink)
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No I'm Canadian. I'd never order from the states because too much trouble and the exchange rate wouldn't make it a good deal. I did check out that cpu. Does look good.

Is it tempting to buy in parts and build it myself.
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Ah, ok then, newegg wont do you much good then lol, but yeah, that that cpu and vid card is pretty much the best for the money, and if you wanna get a better vid card, the eVGA 6800GS would be your next choice, yes, building a computer was always tempting for me, i just built this one on the 20th of last month, and im glad I did.
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i noticed that you buy from tigerdirect, thats a good place to go i would definately go with a sempron maybe 3100+, it 2ghz and is far superior to any celeron and even some p4s, as far as ram i would go with 512 megs and then go up to 1 gig in about a year, i agree that nvidia 6000 series are a good way to go. if you check tigerdirect's web site they have some great mbob/cpu bundles for under $200 that are sempron, i think thats your best bet

<<<<<<<Rep is always welcome
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Off Topic, but wanna hear a joke?
If I got a dollar for every time I had 60 cents then I'd be in Canada. lol get it? Haha thats a knee slapper.
New build in progress, but this is what I got for now:
-AMD x2 5200+
-Asus M3A78-EM AM2+
-Buffalo 2x1gb ddr2 800
-Hitachi 250gb Sata HDD
-Antec Minuet Case w/ 350w psu
-Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
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What i'd like to know if Duel core helps with gaming at all or better just getting a regular one and overclocking it?
If duel core is only good for doing something on desktop while loading a game that doesn't really serve me. Only interested in what makes the game best it can be.

These are the ones have my eye on.

Looking for one thats can overclock easy (Air) And last me for years.

To the guy who made joke. Don't forget We pay more for stuff but we also make more money so comes out to the same Just not a good deal for us to buy outside canada.
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Old 03-09-2006, 02:57 AM   #8 (permalink)
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Good processors there, for straight gaming.. the 3500+ or 3800+ would be your best bet in my opinion, they overclock well, but they dont need to be overclocked, they are already fast as ****
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Old 03-09-2006, 03:16 AM   #9 (permalink)
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im going to throw my two cents in just because you might want some extra options

i recently built the following system for a workstation computer;

a64 X2 3800+

A8N-E mobo

80 gig western digital SATA hdd

2 gigs of adata vitesta pc3200 ram (make it a gig, put the money into higher quality overclocking ram and maybe even save a few bucks)

ati firegl v5000 pci-e...


i suggest switching the video card to something more oriented for gaming rather than workstation work (vcard is the big difference between a workstation and a gaming rig)

a single x1900xt or x1900xtx would survive for 2-3 years if you dont want to max the settings constantly

and yes, this is prolly more than youre willing to spend...

600$ for everything minus the video card
prolly what... 400-600 for the video card? (all USD)

also, the processor would be able to overclock really really well with stock cooling, like 2.5 ghz stable at least. look for some good ddr500 ram and there you go, insta-performance increase once you get any grinches worked out.

i may be totally off base on this post as I just skimmed through and im tired, but good luck with whatever you plan on doing.

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