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Default Completely Silent Desktop Computer

I'm on a quest, for the COMPLETELY silent computer. It doesn't have to be powerful at ALL. Just for overnight stuff, I guess. I've sort of have a plan rigged up, but I'm unsure about some things, and need a little help...

Mobo - Doesn't really matter, as long as it's got USB support, spare PCI slots...

CPU - I'm thinking of using an older P2 Slot one. The ones with the passive heatsink and no fan. I've got two, so I might be able to make a dualy if I can find a motherboard that supports two...

RAM - Again, doesn't matter, not intensive. I've got some spare EDO around, if that's good enough...

Case - Probably going to be really cheap, I'll have it kept open at all times anyway.

Video card - Something old with passive heat transfer, maybe an old TNT.

Hard drive - Old 20GB I've got lying around. Anyone have any ways of making it sort of floating with no contact with the case to keep noise to a minimum? I've seen it done with bungie cords before, but I forget how they did it exactly.

PSU - HERE is where things get sticky. How can I rig a PSU so it doesn't need a fan? There'll be practically no load at all on it, and I was wondering if it is safe to take the fan out. How hot does a PSU actually get anyway? I'll have the case open at most times, so that should be okay circulation.

If I really, really, need to have SOME form of air circulation, I suppose I could try to rig up ONE of my really slow 120 mm fans to the case...

Anyone want to suggest anything else? Again, this isn't going to be used for anything demanding. Just web browsing, e-mail, music.

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Check out this site:

For hdd, they make enclosures that will basically eliminate any noise.

For PSU, they make fan-less PSU's but they are more expensive.


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Ahh. I was thinking more along the lines of a do-it-yourself kinda' things. I'm not into spending all kinds of money for special features...
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Antec and Thermaltake make fanless PSUs. (use heatsinks)

Here is a case that is designed for passive cooling. They have a picture of a P4/AMD64 heatsink, 680w PSU, HD, motherboard, that are all fanless. A totally passive cooled system.
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you have to keep in mind though... The thing needs a tiny bit of air to move. would it be a big deal to get a single 120mm fan and a fan controller? You could turn it down till you can't hear it. SOME air needs to move though.


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Yeah. I was looking around on eBay and they have these HP ePC's that are the size of a large text book, fanless, and have PIII processors.

Also, there's the Compaq Ipaq's which are pretty much the same. Only thing is their upgradability is pretty much zero, and nothings standardized, all parts are specialized by the company...

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