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Old 07-27-2006, 09:20 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Cheap Graphics for Older Computer

Right now, my only halfway decent computer is still using an integrated graphics chip with 8 megs of memory. Obviously, it lags slightly in most games I play.

HP Pavilion 7845 with Windows ME
-P3 @ 866
-256mb PC100 RAM
-132(ish)-watt PSU (it was this on an identical PC, so I assume that's what I have)
-Free PCI slot (no AGP or PCI-e, just plain old PCI)

I'm looking for an inexpensive upgrade to hold me over for about a year and a half (till Vista is out and the price has gone down on it and the Conroe chips). What graphics card would you recommend?

At nearly every card I've looked at that would be compatible with my computer, it says it requires a 250 watt PSU. Would I need to upgrade mine, or is this just set as a "minimum" because it's the lowest most modern power supplies go? If I do need to upgrade mine, is there one you could recommend?

Because the comp is old, I would really like to not spend very much money on it (perhaps $100 USD for a graphics card and PSU if necessary).

Thanks for your help.

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hey, I think you should consider buying a new PC, not a new card, because that plays a vital role in your game.

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yeah no offence but wen u said u had a half decent pc and i looked at the specs
i kind of had a double take
just u[grade to a decent pc and be done with it
it makes no sense to make any upgrades to ure pc because it is so old

im not trying to sound mean or anything but putting a half decent graphics card into a computer like that would also require a PSU upgrade, whick in turn may require a Mobo upgrade
wich would require a CPU and ram up[grade
wile ure at it y not just by a new computer?
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You may want to wait for vista and buy all the new stuff at that time.

Upgrading now = waste of money

(to your machine that is )
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Just run Windows 98 (no flaws in it), and run Solitaire. Because i've reparied many PC's like that, and many customers spend so much money upgrading them. It's not worth it. Even an email to Dell is worth it.
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Old 07-28-2006, 09:33 AM   #6 (permalink)
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It's halfway decent because it runs. A decent computer would run well.

I would really like a new computer. The thing is, I really don't have that much money, and it seems that if I do buy a new computer now with what I'm comfortable spending it'll already be out of date. That's why I plan on upgrading next year, when I have more money.

Right now, however, I play quite a bit of Jedi Academy, and my computer runs it all right except for some levels, which do not appear because my computer doesn't support something in them.

It may be $100 down the drain, but that's still much less expensive than a new computer and it's all I would need for awhile. I've gotten used to the lagging by now.

I believe my computer uses a 20-pin connector to the mobo, would I need to upgrade the board?

Or, would I even need to upgrade the PSU with this FX5200?? It doesn't say it needs a power supply, and would support everything I think I need.
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He wanted advice on how to upgrade his current PC you think he thought about building a new PC.Plus its still cheaper than building a new PC.dude you could get a new psu for about $25 on newegg and then yeah that FX5200 is a good choice or a fx-5500.
This \/ PSU is a cheap one that will do you good.People dont tell its a cruddy one I KNOW.Well youll be doing good.Youre not gonna be doing any good gaming.Maybe CS 1.5 or 1.6.

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