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Default Building a new computer,opinions please?

Ok, so im finally able to afford for a new computer thanks to my php skillz, so i thought i'd drop a list of the parts im getting and see what you think about it.

I have some experience building computers, but for the most, my experience is theoretical, sure i can change a CPU, or any card, but i have never ever built a whole computer by myself, i always assisted someone.

LGA 775 for Dual core Pentium XE, Pentium D and P4/Celeron D supporting core 2 duo desktop (Conroe), Presler and Cedar Mill processors.
-FSB:1066 MHZ for external graphics
-FSB 800/533 for internal graphics
-Supports hyper threading
-Supports United Overclocking Technology (i never heard of this?)
-Supports EM64T CPU

NB=intel 865G
SB=intel ICH5

RAM support:
-Dual channel DDR400/333/266

-Integrated intel extreme graphics2::Shared memory up to 96MB
-ACPI 1.1 compilance Wake Up events

some other goodies but i ain't adding to keep post simple, more information on:


Pentium 4 LGA 775 with 1mb of L2 cache
class: P4 531+ (im not sure what the 531+ means)
NVDIA GeForce 6200
350Mhz CPU
4 pixel pipeline

256MB,64 bit DDR
400mhz effective
6.4bg/s mem. bandwidth

AGP 8x
Casing:'s "SPIDER II" (you can google for it)

NOTICE: I already have this:

Syncmaster 19' monitor
80,40 and 120gb HD
Combo cd burner

Now, i have some questions, the main reason for the motherboard is the ACPI1.1 Wake up events, which mean (according to my research) that the computer can be set to fully turn on at a given time or if it recives "a magic packet" trough the ethernet i right on this? that's the only reason i didnt pick a motherboard with PCE instead of AGP

I was aiming at a better video card, but i couldnt find any better AGP, and i couldnt find any MB with pci express and ACPI1.1, i cannot stress enough how much i want to have the computer turn on at a given time.

Whats the deal with the "Class Pentium 531+", is the 531 just a stepping model or does it outlines some other thing?

I will be using the computer for working with flash, 3dmax, visual studio, fruity loops,apache(not for dedicated hosting tho), photoshop and other high performance programs as well as having winamp on at all times (im a bit of a renasance man =P)

i know i would do better with a double core since my main goal is not games but multiple apps at the same time (do double cores still kill the framerates on games?) but i cannot afford a good double core right now, but i did keep in mind a scalable motherboard.

Please comment, im off to buy it in....*checks watch* ....2 days.

Also, any sugestion on what to do with my old computer?(400mhz celeron)
I already though of:
-Linux server for bandwith control of each computer in the house
-Apache server for my personal testing
-CD burning station (altho i dont burn that much)
-Try and make it into guiness record with the world's heaviest paperweight

P.S Big total is 351.83 USD, and if i remember correctly, the casing includes a 500 Watt PSU
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