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Default building my first computer

I don't have the money yet but, I will hopefully have it in a few months. What I am going to use this computer for is surfing the internet, schoolwork, and dvd burning.

I don't play many games. If I do then they are just online games. I might buy half-life 2 and play it with my friend so I will need a computer that could run that pretty well.

I might wait until vista comes out to build so I am sure there will be different technology then but I really want to know what my first computer will be like.

I am willing to spend around $1000 but if I can build a good one for less then of course I will do that. I think I have a keyboard and mouse I can use. Also, the quiter the better. So far those are the only parts I think I can scavenge.

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Default Re: building my first computer

Originally posted by chickfilafan
I might wait until vista comes out to build so I am sure there will be different technology then but I really want to know what my first computer will be like.
No. Hardware-speaking, there will no be any new technology or components needed to run Vista. Vista is just an operating system that can run on any hardware provided that your processor is fast enough (which most processors nowadays are) and that you have sufficient memory (so far, I have heard that Vista is very memory-hungry so you might want a 1GB or more).

You don't really gain anything by waiting. The operating system is a different piece that is not included in the hardware. You would have to purchase one anyone if you decide to build your PC. You can wait for WIndows Vista to come out but for the hardware there is no real reason to wait.

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you would do fine with a single core cpu but with the prices of dual cores now i would get one. you could burn a dvd and do your schoolwork and surf the internet without a problem.
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Get a dual core and get at least 1GB RAM.

When windows vista comes out it will have some problems and these preoblems may take a few years to "iron out". So you will be running xp for quite some time yet.
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1000 bucks is a nice sum of money for good pc. since you're new learn to build one first like things about computers, components, softwares that kinda stuffs.
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What Gili said, when XP first came out it took about a year to get mosto f the bugs out and it is still buggy, **** my mom is still running 98 and refuses to move on =P

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