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neuro1 01-28-2010 11:32 AM

Building first pc, NEED HELP!! (Budget of $500-$600)
Hi, everyone I am new to all this, I don't know where to begin to build a new computer so if you guys can help me that would be great. I want to build a PC for general use and also some gaming ( I would like something that I wont have to keep upgrading as new games come out). I currently have a sony vaio pcv-rs520 which i would like to use parts from if i can such as DVD writer, DVD ROM, 320 GB hard drive, floppy drive, and have the monitor (VGA). If there is any other things i can salvage from my old PC can you let me know. So i wont be needing any of those, but as for the other things i would like to be in a budget of $500-$600, i think i would need to buy a new case (if my current one works then can you let me know). Which processor is better (AMD vs Intel) for everyday use as well as some gaming. I been trying to look on tigerdirect but i don't know what parts are compatible with what, so if you guys can help me that would be awesome.


XI_xtasy_ix 01-28-2010 01:07 PM

Re: Building first pc, NEED HELP!! (Budget of $500-$600)
Build a PC - Choosing Components Introduction -

this is a good site that helped me alot with my computer that im in the process of building. it shows the required parts what to look for in the parts and later when you pick all the parts it gives a very detailed (animated) video on how to put together the pc from scratch.

Also try finding a local store that specializes in computers and stuff like that (i.e. microcenter i heard frys was good) often times they sell parts at lower prices and you dont have to pay for shipping and returning is alot easier also.

p.s. the data on the site is a little outdated but you will get the general idea of whats good and whats not.
p.s.s. try newegg i prefer it to tigerdirect the warrantys are better and you dont have to pay outrageous amounts for them.

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