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camosilver311 01-10-2007 03:03 PM

bought more memory, computer wont boot with it...
i have a "p4 ecs l4s8a2" motherboard, with 3 slots that support up to 1GB memory each. when i had this computer built 4 years ago, the memory i bought for it was a "perenhan 512MB pc2100 ddr memory". today, i bought a "pny 1GB pc2300/pc2700/pc2100 ddr400/333/266" memory stick to add into one of my open slots, to use IN ADDITION to my current 512MB.

i installed it and booted the comp, and it promted me to check the disk for consistensy, which i declined. after that, the screen just went blank. it didnt reset the computer, it just stayed blank. so hit the restart button. after it rebooted, it wouldnt get past the point where it asks me to choose which OS to boot (i have 3 on my computer). after i would hit "win XP" it restarts itself. i tried safemode too, and no luck.

i took out the 1 GB memory and the computer worked fine with just the 512MB. i am guessing that this new 1gb memory stick just isn't compatable with my computer, what do you guys think?

also, i tried to find the company who makes my motherboard (P4 is the name of the company) but i can't find thier website online or any phone # to call for tech support... maybe they went out of business or something.

Shumway 01-10-2007 03:17 PM

Have you tried just the one gig stick to see if it work's? Oh and your mobo is made by "ECS" here's the link for it ;)

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