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Default Bottlenecking

Hey, please help me figure out bottlenecks. We can use my system for example and I would love if people introduced their to help too. I have:

p4 2.4ghz
512 mb pc2100
ati radeon 9200

So I got some of it figured out. My FSB is running at 133mhz, I am getting 266mhz from my ram (double pumping), and I am getting 533 mhz from my cpu (quad pumping). PCI runs at about half the system bus speed so mine is 66Mhz, and AGP connects directly to the system bus so it would be running at 133mhz in my comp.

So I'm thinking it doesn't matter that the CPU is 533Mhz and the ram is 266 cause my bottleneck is the 133Mhz motherboard system bus. So my system bus speeds default to that cause that's what my lowest speed is (nothing has to go through PCI so it doesn't count). So it seems that when my system was made the other parts were ahead of their time.

So even though newer video cards deliver at faster speeds (I'm gonna guess 500Mhz), that doesn't matter in my comp cause I'm still stuck with that busspeed.

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I dunno man... There's no really strong points to build off of. The numbers you're throwing together don't make a mess of sense to me. I mean, FSB doesn't calculate directly to ram speed and whatnot. I'd say a video card would be your best upgrade, if that's your question?


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Well, nowhere did I ask for help with my comp. I am trying to figure out bottlenecks and how to identify them. I used my computer as an example cause it's what I know. Above I think I had the motherboard bus and the FSB confused. I called my motherboard bus my FSB. My motherboard bus runs at 133, my CPU bus runs at 533 cause of the quad pumping (motherboard bus x4), and my ram runs at 266 die to the double pumping (motherboard bus x2).

The FSB is the bridge between the CPU and memory. So that's why those can be faster than the motherboard bus. Right now my FSB is 533 and my mem is 266 so my memory is the bottleneck. Am I right?

Now which bus does video connect to cause some cards say they are running at up to 1000Mhz. If they connect to the motherboard bus that shouldn't matter cause in my comp it's 133. If they connect to the FSB then the max benefit I would see is 533. Once again, am I right?
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Clock speeds do not a bottleneck make. :classic:

You just have to know the hardware and try to make an educated guess as to whether a piece of hardware will be too good for the rest of your system.
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