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Default Bigg Problem need help

Ok ive got a delema. I (being the smart person that i am) decided to flash my bios with newer versions. it was all going ok until it froze. then i had no idea what to do. now when i turn it back on all i get is a little blinking _ . it wont let me go into bios or boot from anything at all. did i erase my bios completly? if so how do i get them back. now for another problem i have. this is a vpr matrix computer meening that i dont have any versions of xp handy. if i do get bios back on it can i use my system restore disk to get xp back on it??? please any help will be greatly apreciated.
thanks in advance

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anyone?!?!?!?! my parents are gonna kill me if i dont fix it!!!!

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Oh buddy. Windows and BIOS are completely separate. If you screw up the flash of a BIOS, you are likely going to have to RMA your motherboard.

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wow. i really screwed up. crap. is there anything i can do to check it?
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You could Hot Flash the BIOS but that is pretty dangerous.
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well. its ok but thanks for the advice. im just going to buy a cheapo 18$ motherboard until my parents fork up the money to buy a new computer. now my only problem is that i have no windows. i tihnk i might try linux. does anyone know a good linux? maybe a link.

thanks alot
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You can try making a boot disk with a BIOS and exe to install the new BIOS. (clear the CMOS with the jumpers first)

Slackware Linux is good - I've also used VectorLinux (based from slackware)
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thanks for the advice but ive already had problems with this board anyways. soo im just going to start fresh.
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guy dont panic so much. panic will cause you to do more crap.

first thing to try is to disconnect the power cord, then open the computer and locate the cmos battery. its most likely a small disc shaped 3V lithium cell. remove it and wait 5 mins. if you have your motherboard manual it could help you locate a bios reset jumper but that isnt necessary, just take out the battery for 5 mins.

the default bios is hard coded into a rom chip, its most likely a square chip that fits into a socket so that cannot be damaged from the flashing the bios. when u flash it actually writes new bios to a new location i think. it dont overwrite the old one.

after 5 mins put back in the battery and connect back the power cord. try to boot and see what happens.

if that still dont work then you could call the company and order a new bios chip which would cost about $5.

if however you buy a new board then you dont need to reinstall windows, especially if you buy similar board. if you buy another board and xp dont boot then hold down F8 while it starting up and try to boot up in safemode. if it works then go in device manager and uninstall the IDE controller then reboot normally. the next thing you could try is borrowing an xp cd from a friend, booting your pc in repair mode then go to your system32 folder and look for your hal*.dll file. most likely it would be halacpi.dll find that file on the xp cd and overwrite the one on your hard drive with it. that too should work.

if you have access to an xp cd, there is something else you could do that many do not know. boot from the cd as usual, act like u gona install xp over your existing copy, do not format the drive. it will eventually tell u that setup found another version of xp already installed and ask you if you want to repair it. do that and your fixed.

most importantly if you paid for a legal version of xp then you are suposed to have a cd. sometimes the company you buy it from dont give you a cd in which case you go back and ask them nicely for it, if they refuse to give you or sell you for a small fee, then go get an AK47 assault rifle and return to the store asking for your cd once more.
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Dude, if you do end up buying a new mobo, make suer its compatible with your current CPU. read some building tutorials to look at installing it. And also, if its a Dell Dimension, then the mobo is probably on one of those annoying trays. if so, then you need to remove all the screws somehow, disconnect all the cables, and push this annoying green lever. Then, i had to literally break off the heatsink from the bottom of mine, and later twistie-tying it to my other one. I ended up having to get a new case, because there was a little daughter-board-looking thing for the power switch and leds which wouldnt work with the new mobo, so i soldered a light switch into it to make it work. You had to flip the switch on and off really fast to keep the computer from resetting itself every time it booted, but the rest of my family didnt see the thrill in that challenge, and they forced me to remove all the wallpaper from my sister's bathroom to pay for a new case, and made me stay up until about 4 on a school night building it. I learned a lot. But that was long ago, and that was also when i inherited the OLD computer from my dad's office, and decided to upgrade it. And i upgraded it to mine now, which has no parts from the thing i started with. So, if your parents do end up killing you, dont give up computers. (life lesson from some guy on a computer forum)

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