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Default Beginning my first Build

Ok, I started my research fro my computer and computer's in general around two years ago. Now, believe it or not, I've decided to get my minor in CS (Business oriented(Java)) and then maybe go into information technology. anyway, I have taken tons of time researhcing things and it seems to get more and more complicated and confuzing as I go. I just have a few questions to ask that I am still unsure about.....

1. Thermal paste? is it needed, I understand how it works, but is it a necessity, should I get a better paste with CPU?

2. Liquid cooling? I spent a lot of time looking at this and honestly I have to say the keep up seems way to in depth, the possiblities of galvanic corrosion and the cost? Is it worth it

3. So far every optical drive (Not including the new 8mb cache ones) seem to be the same, any brand or company I should buy

4. Power supplies give me headaches, Which companies (Out of your experiences) seem to be the best.

...I am a gamer and am considering an SLI system, I will probably develop some graphical desgin layouts and mess with CS2, with that in mine can you please help me sort out the confuzed chaos left in my brain...

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1. Your CPU heatsink will come with some already on (if you brought a retail one,) or a thermal pad will already be on depending on what CPU. You will need to get some Isopropyll to clean what is already on there. If you brought an aftermarket one, then it will not already be on. But in all cases I would reccomend getting a bottle of Isopropyll and a syringe of artic silver 5 to go onto the top of the cpu to reduce CPU temperatures. After a while the thermalpaste will need to be replaced so keep the Isopropyll and AS5 safe.

2. Not really worth it IMO unless you are a serious overclocker, but even then most people hit the CPU's speed wall before the temperature (excl. Intel's.) I only got mine because I was bored when my PC blew up (individual parts un related.) And it looks cool. Up keep is simple. Keep an eye on the water level once in a while. I have to be alert though as my liquid conducts electricity as I found out in in a bet.

3. I like Samsung ones, but that blew up. I now have a aOpen one, which is meant to be opn the cheap end. I just wanted my PC back ASAP so I got this one as it was the right price.

4. PSU's... There is alot out there. Alot of them good. Alot of them bad. It depends on what you want. Seasonic are very nice but pricey. They are extremly quiet too. I have a Hiper Type R 580w which is the best modular one that there is. Modular are not the best PSU's due to a higher resistance on the connector, but the Hiper uses patented aviation/music studio connectors. I got the Hiper mainly due to I was soo annoyed about pricing of American (Antec) PSU's in the UK. A simple way to work out how good a PSU is on its weight, the heavier it is the (generally the) better it is.


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Although Trfifd gave some great answers, I'll throw in some advice as well.

1. Using Arctic Silver 5 instead of the stuff that comes with your CPU helps lower your CPU temp by a couple degrees. I use it regardless on any system I build. However, the paste that comes with the retail package is more than sufficient.

2. As Trifid said, watercooling is really not worth it unless you are doing some serious overclocking.

3. I really like LG drives. So far, the LG drives (DVD and CD) I have used have been reliable and quiet.

4. Personally, I have used a few different no-name PSUs, without any problems. Currently I use a OCZ ModStream. The really nice thing about the ModStream is the modular design, where you only hook up the cables that you need. OCZ has also built itself a good name in terms of reliablity performance.

You seem to be on the fence about SLI. I have an SLI motherboard, but feel more tempted to go and get a newer single card, rather than get a second card to add on to what I have. It seems that by the time you want to upgrade and get a second card, it is becoming less and less readily available, and a new card is out that performs the same as 2 of your old ones anyways.

Pretty much what it comes down to is if you want such gaming performance now that you can only get with 2 cards in SLI, then get 2 cards now. If you can satisfy your needs with one card now, then just get one card now and get a non-SLI mobo.

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As far a Mobo goes, I have heard allot of good things about the Abit IC7 great for overclocking.

I would definitely recomend artic silver.

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Thanks, The one thing I am interested in though is the fact that with water-cooling the water is the part that actually sucks. Ammonia is used in high refrigeration systems in many factories and such, the problem with conductivity though with the water isnt even the water (if it's distilled) it's the coolant chemicals put into it to stop corrosion, that allow an electrical charge to move through it. but yea, working with ammonia isn't the best either though....regardless thanks for helping me out. I think I'll probably just hold out with the SLi.
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....wait I just remembered. Since water-cooling isn't really worth it, at least not for me, then can I have some help or direction for Air cooling my system?

1. Do PCI Fans work, everything I looked up on them basically say they really do little to decrease overall temp.

2. Fans, I had planned to get the AMD X2 4200+, and one guy had a review saying the stock fan and sink cooled the same as an upgraded size and speed?

3. anyother suggestions
Thanks, ...........Angelus
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I wouldn't bother with pci fan's the case fan's do the job.

Have you seen the New AMD Heatsink/fan setup You won't have to worry about it getting to hot. Buy a good case with 120mm intake and exhaust fans they are much quiter then 80mm's and move air very well.
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The 120's if your case fits them...

A better heatsink will also mean a quieter case...

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I'm not saying that I have a super fast or powerful system conpared to quite a few on this board, BUT with that said. My sig is my current machine and It took me quite a long time to figure out what works and what doesn't. Other than Going PCIe with the card. (Which I will do soon) I got recommandations from all the people here and just reading the posts. Most will not steer you wrong...

Most of the the after market cooling and such are based on personal preference. I happen to like Zalman. To me it look "clean and professional" others like Arctic 64 or thermaltake. etc,etc...
Even now... after I have it. In my opinion, I would tell you to go with a X2 4600. Little more expensive, but worth it... If not then go for the X2 3800. Save the money and a good PSU. With all the new technology coming out and better cards, etc.. The power plant will be a key factor in deciding future planning with a machine. Like Elbatrop1, I have both a OCZ modstream and Coolmax modular... I love both and people will say to stay away from coolmax... again, personal preference. Antec is another good choice. If you really want to look at some higher end items here are some links to poke around on and check some stuff out...

and of course...

Just my 2.5 cents...

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dont get a 4200+ or 4600+, their lower CPUs (3800+ with 2 * 512KB cache and the 4400+ with 2 * 1MB cache) can be easily OCed to their higher CPUs (the 4200+ and the 4600+ (I thought it was teh 4800+ but w.e same thing)). Its only a .2Ghz difference between the 3800 and the 4200 (4400 and the 4800). So that'll save u a few bucks or u could get the best.... Opty 165, excelent for OCin and only about $30 more than the 3800 (with twice the amount of cache)

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