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TheOtis 01-20-2007 04:22 AM

Anyone on here running a Celeron D socket 478?
I got a FREE rig about a month ago, it's my media center/file server.

Antec Lanboy case
Philips dual layer dvd burner(I added this)
Antec 380PSU
IBM mobo
Celeron D 1.8ghz
512MB mushkin DDR333
1x40gig samsung IDE
2x 160gig seagates(I added these)
Sound Blaster Audigy
PCI SATA card(And I added this as well)
On board video

I'm upgrading to a AGP 8x video card so I can watch high-def movies. I already have around 5 on here, it just crashed whenever I try to watch one haha. I tried playing the transporter in 720p on it, and failed horribly haha.

I'm shocked on how good this thing runs. I installed Windows Media Center on it. I know 1.8Ghz isn't horribly slow, but i was expecting alot worse.

I can download mucho files, talk on aim, rip dvds, run AVG, and surf the net all at once. Of course it does slow down some, but I'm still surprised on how it multitaskes.

Anyone else here still have a rig like this?

Ethereal_Dragon 01-20-2007 09:40 AM

I have a media rig as well... it is listed in my sig.. Yes, it does work pretty well. I would imagine that rig would be able to multitask better with a Pentium CPU.

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