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Default 56k Modem Problems

I live out in the country and im stuck with dial up, it sucks.

I have 2 modems, i both have problems with them that i want to solve on atleast one.

First modem - Apollo Intel 586 chipset v.92 modem

Work great, fast, good connection, BUT RANDOMLY DISCONNECTS. i tried lowering the buffer settings that said it would help with connection problems, still always disconnected still. I've tried many different things, but its all just randomly disconnecting, and this is the fastest modem ive dealt with ever, and i really want to get it up and running

Second Modem - Coxnexant (Stock Dell) 56k v.92 modem

Runs at decent speeds, never disconnects, BUT WILL DISCONNECT ANYTIME THE PHONE IS PICKED UP WHEN I AM CONNECTED. I dont know if theres a setting i can change, or if some modems just do that.

Any help would be appreciated, and GOGO verizon on getting me DSL asap.

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There's really nothing you can do about it. Anytime you pick up the phone is breaks the connection.


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I know its not great, but why not just switch to satellite internet? It costs the sameish as DSL. Its not super fast, but its better than dialup.

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Wait......like in the city, you can get base DSL for just as much as dialup 1.5mbps from about 14.95-24.95 a month.

Directway is 59.99 a month with an equipment charge of about 400........
For 59.99, you get the same ammount of speed as you would from the base dsl....

You may be able you get it down to like $45 if you already get directv....as a promo price.....

Also, you should check with your cable provider[if one exists], they should be offering cable internet on their backbone, it may not be any faster than basedsl, but it would probably be cheaper.

The problem is not with your modems, but the line going into your home with dialup.
All telephone systems are digital, but for legacy purposes, they are still piped in using an anologue signal into the home. They may be digitized inside the service box outside your home or on the phone pole itself. Check the wiring.
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direcway is fast, but expensive, and a friend has it, download speeds are like 30kb/s at hes got the most expensive speed of it, and my 56k on the fast modem gets like 5.5kb/s, and the other gets 5kb/s. Also, my internet is $10 a month and no i dont have a cable provider, i have dish network sattelite, but i do have verizon phone service, and we are expected to get verizon DSL capable lines within the next year.

m733mhz - I know it breaks the connetion and gives you a period of about 20 seconds of 0% bandwith, but it actually disconnects you from the internet.

shdwsclan - I have a US robotics on another computer in my house, and that never randomly disconnects or will disconnect from internet when phone is picked up, but its my dads pc, and hes a total 01ck and wont let me take it. So that means it couldnt be the phone line, just the gay modems. Guess ill sell the one that disconnects alot on ebay, and keep the one when people pick up the phone it disconnects, cuz i dont get disconnected as much.
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What is 56k?

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