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Default List of News

Foxconn Quantum Force 'Blood Rage' X58

Foxconn is preparing a flagship X58 board from the Quantum Force series known as "Blood Rage" apart from Renaissance X58 board shown a few months ago. The specs looks pretty impressive with the ability to support Quad Crossfire and 3-way SLI + PhysX with four PCIe 2.0 slots, 3 channel DDR3 memory up to 1800MHz (oc), 14 phase hybrid PWM and DirectFET MOSFET technology, 4in1 Quantum cooler that provides modular NB/SB/VRM cooling solution with interchangeable NB chooling adaptors for air/water or extreme cooling. There is also a QF Panel for on-the-fly overclocking from the 5.25" drive bay and a Quantum BIOS with all the OC options. The audio aspect seems pretty neat with SONAR X-Fi sound card comes bundled. There is also a Serial Attached SCCI interface too. We can't wait to get our hands on this board!
Source: VR-Zone : Technology Beats -Foxconn Quantum Force 'Blood Rage' X58 Sneak Preview

Video Cards
ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series vs. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 200 Series

We look at the 10 combined Radeon 4800 and GeForce 200 series configurations. Our evaluation scales from what you get when you spend $150 on a video card, to what gaming gains should be expected when you spend $1100 on 4870X2 CrossFireX . Real world gameplay and Apples-to-Apples as well.
Source: [H] Enthusiast - Radeon 4800 & GeForce 200 Series Value Guide

Taipei, Taiwanー16 October, 2008ーG.Skill International Co. Ltd., a world leader in extreme performance memory with solid quality, today unveils a whole new 4GB (2GBx2) GT1 DDR3 series running at PC3-16,000, featuring the unique Thermaltake RamOrb heatsink design. This thermal solution enables an optimal stability by keeping the temperature as low as possible at extreme speeds. The new PC3-16000 GT1 Series provides extreme stability and performance for high-end gaming or an overclocked PC.

The Thermaltake designed heatspreader features dedicated heatpipes to effectively draw away heat produced by high-speed DDR3 memory up to the cooling fan and fins. This organization maximizes thermal conductivity providing the most powerful memory cooling solution on the market.

The G.SKILL PC3-16000 GT1 is optimized for the cutting edge NVIDIA ® 790i chipset platforms. The new GT1 is a all-encompassing solution making the leap into the next generation of platforms with its lightening fast performance, enhanced timings, and innovative heat solution unmatched by the competition. With G.SKILL Lifetime Warranty and ever ready technical back-up, PC3-16000 GT1 is total solution for all memory module enthusiasts.
Source: </title> <link rel=StyleSheet HREF=skin/G_webzine/style.css type=text/css title=style> <style type="text/css" media="all"> .zbLa_td {font:12px Arial,tahoma; height:18px} </style> <script language='JavaScript'> var select_obj; function ZB_layerAction(

Intel ARM
Okay, look, whether you adore or despise the iPhone, it's pretty hard to make a cohesive argument that it's slow or lags its competitors in offering the "full Internet." Somehow, though, a pair of Intel execs at the Intel Developer Forum in Taipei this week have whipped up a whole spiel based on the shaky claim that the iPhone's a dog for processing power and isn't capable of offering a rich Internet experience, going on to suggest that ARM architecture is to blame for the nasty pickle Apple's gotten itself into. Here's the best part, though: until only very recently, Intel itself was a huge player in the ARM game with its XScale line, now owned by Marvell. Isn't it too soon to harsh on a technology you so heavily bought into, guys? Of course, the moral of the story -- if you're buying the execs' line, anyway -- is that the iPhone wouldn't suck if they'd gone with an Intel stack, which they claim is a good two years ahead of the best that ARM has to offer. Said Intel's Pankaj Kedia, pressing on with the smack talk: "I know what their roadmap is, I know where they're going and I'm not worried." Of course, knowing the roadmap inside and out gets a little easier when you're a ginormous ARM licensee.
Source: Intel: ARM's the reason the iPhone... sucks? - Engadget

Microsoft Windows Server & Vista
Information about Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 and Windows Vista Service Pack 2

Beta Information
This article discusses a beta release of a Microsoft product. The information in this article is provided as-is and is subject to change without notice.

No formal product support is available from Microsoft for this beta product. For information about how to obtain support for a beta release, see the documentation that is included with the beta product files, or check the Web location where you downloaded the release.
This Microsoft Knowledge Base article will be updated with more information about Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 (SP2) and Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2) when the information becomes available. Currently, the product release notes and related information about Windows Server 2008 SP2 and Windows Vista SP2 are not available.


• Windows Vista Enterprise 64-bit Edition
• Windows Vista Home Basic 64-bit Edition
• Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit Edition
• Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit Edition
• Windows Vista Business 64-bit Edition
• Windows Vista Business
• Windows Vista Enterprise
• Windows Vista Home Basic
• Windows Vista Home Premium
• Windows Vista Starter
• Windows Vista Ultimate
• Windows Server 2008 Datacenter without Hyper-V
• Windows Server 2008 Enterprise without Hyper-V
• Windows Server 2008 for Itanium-Based Systems
• Windows Server 2008 Standard without Hyper-V
• Windows Server 2008 Datacenter
• Windows Server 2008 Enterprise
• Windows Server 2008 Standard
• Windows Web Server 2008
Source: Information about Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 and Windows Vista Service Pack 2

Corsair Releases Tri-Channel DDR3 Memory for X58 Platform

Corsair has announced the availability of two tri-channel DDR3 memory kits for the upcoming Core i7-supportive X58 platform. Corsair claims to have extensively tested these kits for stable operation on various X58 chipset-based motherboards. The kits are value-oriented, and come under the XMS3 series.

There's a 3GB (3x 1GB, model: TR3X3G1333C9) kit, and a 6 GB (3x 2GB, model: TR3X6G1333C9) kit. Both kits operate at 1333 MHz, with timings of 9-9-9-24. The modules use simplistic aluminum heatspreaders, with no fancy DHX cooling mechanisms. This could be attributed to the fact that they are value oriented, and that they could be operating at low voltages of 1.60V, and therefore, small thermal footprint. The 3 GB kit is priced at US $ 167, while the 6 GB kit is priced at $ 316.
Source: techPowerUp! News :: Corsair Releases Tri-Channel DDR3 Memory for X58 Platform

Intel Core i7 - Nehalem
Two years ago in Taiwan at the Computex 2006, we see the X6800 figure, Intel also announced its tick-tock plan, this is the time to play, Core micro-architecture and the Core 2 Duo series CPU start coming until the end of last year We also see the updated Core architecture, Penryn's release represents a "tick" step, and it has in fact proved that Penryn is indeed in Conroe on the basis succeeded in reducing power consumption while enhancing performance, Penryn, but obviously did not release the Conroe When the birth of the kind of feeling the world.
Source: Translated version of

Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Chief Executive: Windows 7 Is Whole Lot Better Windows Vista

Microsoft Corp.’s chief executive officer Steve Ballmer said at a symposium that the forthcoming operating system (OS) Windows 7 would be a lot better compared to Windows Vista. Nevertheless, the new OS will not be just a fixed version of much criticized Vista, but a major release. Unfortunately, Mr. Ballmer provided no details or unveiled any new features.

“[Windows 7], it’s Windows Vista, a lot better,” said Mr. Ballmer at Gartner’s annual Symposium ITxpo, reports ComputerWorld web-site.

The chief executive officer indicated that Windows 7 will have improved graphics user interface, performance improvements as well as will lack compatibility issues with Windows Vista, something that the company did say in the past claiming that driver model of Windows 7 will be the same as in Windows Vista.

“Windows Vista is good. Windows 7 is Windows Vista with cleanup in user interface [and] improvements in performance. Look, I’m not encouraging anybody to wait, I’d go ahead and deploy it right away. We didn’t have to go in an incompatible direction to make big strides forward,” Mr. Ballmer said.

The market of personal computers is changing at a very rapid pace and it would be strange to expect just a few changes from Windows 7. Microsoft has already disclosed support for touch-screens with its next-gen OS and more improvements can be expected, including broader amount of services and “gadgets” that are built into the operating system.

“It’s a real release. Because it’s a lot more work than a minor release. It turns out you can [do] more than just a minor release in what is essentially a two-and-a-half-year period of time. There’s no reason to do just ‘a minor release’ in two and a half years,” said Mr. Ballmer, answering the question whether the new OS will be just a Windows Vista with several improvements.

Already now Microsoft has to challenge not only Linux, but also has to consider skyrocketing popularity of Apple Mac OS along with Macintosh computers. In addition, Microsoft is challenged by companies like Google with browsers and online services that offer alternative to Microsoft’s products. Finally, Microsoft needs to address the emerging markets of ultra low-cost personal computers (ULCPCs). To top it off, a new OS may become a door for Microsoft to enter the market of digital media business (like Apple iTunes) as well as advertising.
EVGA X58 Motherboard
World’s Leading Motherboard Manufacturers Turn to NVIDIA SLI for New Intel Bloomfield Platforms

SANTA CLARA, CA—OCTOBER 21, 2008—NVIDIA Corporation today announced that the world’s preeminent motherboard manufacturers, ASUS, EVGA, MSI, Gigabyte, and DFI, have all licensed NVIDIA® SLI® technology for their new lineup of motherboards designed to work with Intel Bloomfield CPUs and X58 chipsets. The addition of SLI to these motherboards and adoption by major OEMs including Dell and others means consumers will be able to harness the power of award-winning GeForce® GPUs in single, SLI, or 3-way SLI configurations for the fastest visual computing experience on upcoming Intel Bloomfield platforms.

“Dell Gaming is known for industry-leading graphics and unparalleled performance,” said Patrick Cooper, Director of Product Planning for Dell Gaming. “With the marriage of NVIDIA SLI and the latest generation of Intel chipsets, we will continue to offer hardcore gamers the opportunity to push their Alienware systems beyond the limits of today’s hottest titles.”

New motherboards and PCs designed for SLI technology and Bloomfield processors are currently in final production and are being readied for time-to-market introduction based on Intel processor launch schedules. The motherboards and PC systems coming to market will feature a variety of graphics connectivity options, including more advanced bandwidth configurations using the NVIDIA nForce® 200 SLI processor, as well as those designed to run SLI technology natively through a licensing and certification program.

“ASUS is bringing many motherboards into production with support for NVIDIA SLI technology, and a motherboard worthy of mention is the new ASUS Rampage II Extreme which is based on Intel’s upcoming X58 chipset,” said Joe Hsieh, General Manager at ASUS Motherboard Business Unit. “This state-of-the-art motherboard is specifically designed to serve as the nucleus of the most demanding PC configurations available on the market today, and will be a boon to extreme overclockers and hardcore gamers. We are expecting gamers to take full advantage of the graphics capability that 3-way SLI provides to build a screaming-fast gaming machine. I’m sure our customers can hardly wait to start gaming!”

“EVGA is continuing its tradition of bringing true enthusiast platforms to the market following the success with NVIDIA nForce-based SLI motherboards supporting Intel CPUs,” said Joe Darwin, Director of Technical Marketing at EVGA. “By licensing NVIDIA SLI technology, the EVGA X58 motherboard will deliver the ultimate 2-way and 3-way SLI platform to, once again, meet the enthusiast’s demand.”

“We are excited to be offering a variety of different SLI-certified motherboards for our enthusiast customers,” said Jason Lee, Global DPS Marketing Manager of MSI. “Our new Eclipse product lineup, which includes the Eclipse SLI and Eclipse+ motherboards featuring exclusive DrMOS extension, three x16 PCI Express slots, and the nForce 200 processor will prove to be popular with those enthusiasts who want to run 3-way SLI with full bandwidth allocated for graphics performance.”

“When NVIDIA enabled SLI for the Bloomfield CPU, we knew we would have a hit. Our customers have been asking for this since we started talking about X58. The 3-way SLI performance delivered by 3 GeForce GTX 280s will be amazing on Bloomfield,” said Tony Liao, Director of Marketing at GIGABYTE.”

“Our new DFI LanParty UT X58-T3eH8 has many overclocker-friendly features, including server level PWM, Debug LED, and a switchable BIOS, making it a must-have platform for hardcore gamers,” said Max Chang, Sales Director at DFI. “When coupled with NVIDIA GeForce GPUs running in 3-way SLI operation, end users will enjoy the fastest gaming experience.”

X58-based motherboards certified for NVIDIA SLI technology are on display at the Intel Developer Forum being held on October 20, 2008 and October 21, 2008 in Taipei, Taiwan.
Source: World?s Leading Motherboard Manufacturers Turn to NVIDIA SLI for New Intel Bloomfield Platforms

In a few weeks Intel launches new-generation Nehalem in the form of the Core i7 series. Auch Mainboard-Hersteller werden dann ihre Modelle offiziell einführen, wobei alle auf den X58-Chipsatz basieren. Even mainboard manufacturers will officially introduce their models, with all the X58-based chipset. Wie wir nun erfahren konnten, arbeitet auch EVGA an einem X58-Mainboard und betritt damit Neuland: Bisher basierten alle Mainboards von EVGA auf nForce-Chipsätzen von nVidia. How could we now know, EVGA is also working on a X58 mainboard and thus enters new territory: So far, all based on motherboards from EVGA nForce chipsets from nVidia.

Genaue Spezifikationen zum Mainboard können wir an dieser Stelle noch nicht bekannt geben. Precise specifications of the mainboard, we can at this point is not yet known. Das X58-Mainboard wird voraussichtlich am 17. The X58 mainboard is expected on 17 November zusammen mit Intels Core i7-Serie offiziell eingeführt. November, with Intel's Core i7 series officially introduced. Preislich wird das EVGA X58 vermutlich bei rund 250 Euro liegen. EVGA priced the X58 is probably at around 250 euros.
Source: Translated version of

When it comes to add-in board vendors, EVGA is probably the most faithful company in the business. Ever since the company launched, Nvidia was the only name EVGA wanted to hear about. But, things are about to change.
Here are the facts:
1) EVGA does not want to miss the Core i7 train
2) Nvidia is not making a chipset for Intel Core i7
3) EVGA poached excellent engineering team from now-defunct EPoX and does not want that team to do nothing until MCP8-series show up
Well, those facts end with a really simple result. EVGA is preparing to launch its first non-Nvidia based motherboard, but it will still have Nvidia chips on it. You’ve guessed it right - X58+nForce 200 bridges for full Triple-SLI capability.

The motherboard is being designed by ex-EPoX engineering team, bringing plentiful of overclocking capabilities, Digital PWM, and fully solid-state caps across the board. Special attention is being given to providing top juice to graphics cards, so if you decide to go for the gold and grab 3-SLI setup with three water-cooled GTX270 boards, be our guest.
But, that is not all. This is the first motherboard, which will be followed by ultimate motherboard for this Christmas, no questions asked. The enthusiast motherboard is actually being designed by a world class overclocker. Yes, the one and only Peter Tan a.k.a. Shamino, who is making “Shamino special”.

For those unaware – Brian Flood from Mushkin, Shamino, Kinc and I share a special connection. According to German police, we all had the honor of dying and resurrecting. Last year, we were all pronounced “missing presumably dead” when some east-German thieves stole helluwa stuff from our brand new VW Passat Variant, en route to the airport. Well, VW is one car I will *never* buy. Piece of alarm-unsecured junk.
Getting back to the subject, EVGA is bringing several things to high-end X58 market that nobody has. First of all, the company will offer limited lifetime warranty (just as with all of their high-end products) and yes, 90-day Step up program.
If that is not making ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI and other motherboard makers sweat, we don’t know what will. Lifetime warranty on a motherboard? Free upgrade program? Bloody ****, I am buying that one.
Source: UPDATE: EVGA to launch Intel X58 motherboards The Bright Side Of IT

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Default Re: List of News

Proto, try checking out Set up an account, choose the number of headlines you want (I have mine set to 100), and any specific sites' headlines.

You won't be disappointed, trust me.

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Default Re: List of News

looks like DDR3 RAM is going to be expensive dang.....this sucks...

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Default Re: List of News

Originally Posted by wafflehammer View Post
looks like DDR3 RAM is going to be expensive dang.....this sucks...
but worth the money if u have the budget that is.

as for Windows 7 being a lot better then Vista is bs. "Actions speak louder than words." Let the public decide Windows 7's faint, Microsoft just has to execute or present it well is all, better then with Vista.

imo, i love Vista way more then XP n couldnt be happier (except the drivers for my sound card and finding my printer).
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Default Re: List of News

Woot just waiting to see if i7 is performance/cost > core 2 duo =D=D
for ddr3 maybe i'll wait for another time when i get the chance.
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