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Default What can I use Ubuntu Server for?

I know I have posted this in OT and we have a Open Source section and Linux section but I was wanting a more generalized conversation about Ubuntu Server and what can I actually do with it.

Ubuntu Server 16.04 is still widely used despite 18.04 being readily available for download and use. So using 16.04 I'm curious what I can do to put my server to practical good use and get the most from it.

Over time I have talked to the likes of iFargle about setting up proxmox and looked in too setting up PXE installs, ran Ubuntu wising a GUI and also the CLI ..

I've set up VPNs before on it but what I'm trying to get away from is simply crunching for BOINC on SETI because it just seems such a waist having a full rack unit server and not interacting at least on a daily basis. Simply doing the same daily thing on it such as updating BOINC. It gets boring after a while.

I've posted before about servers but I'm looking for a use for Ubuntu on a home lab. Something I can do consistently and will take time.

A big thing is as well I have jumped from project to project and learned a lot but now I'm sick and need something to live for where my systems are concerned, something not too complex but also with a steady learning curve.

The thing is, as I posted in PTLTIH I'm genuinely thinking of ripping out my bedroom and turning my house \ flat \ property in too a total IT nerds wet dream ...

but listen ..

I need something I can do with this. I need a project. I need a reason to have the hardware.

PP said a while ago I need to have a use for the hardware in the PMs and that's what I'm looking for. Something to expand in too and get my teeth in too.

I'm wanting to do this 24 7 but I need something I can work on like a full time job.

You guys go to work everyday and I sit at home and half the time too anxious to leave my housing estate so I'm looking for a reason to expand my network. I'm looking for a 24 7 DIY job. I'm wanting to live the dream and have the ultimate den BUT hence need something I can do to turn this in too a DIY job.

I talk about Ubuntu Server but what I'm talking about is doing something like a DIY job being 24 7 .. If you look at the bigger picture its not just about Ubuntu but trying to gain a fresh interest.

Any thoughts welcome.

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Default Re: What can I use Ubuntu Server for?

Do you play any games on Steam ?

This is a pretty cool and useful project if so: https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2017/...ndwidth-blues/


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Default Re: What can I use Ubuntu Server for?

Ubuntu is a buisness based software in my opinion because it has small amount of playable games.
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Default Re: What can I use Ubuntu Server for?

Originally Posted by kmanmx View Post
Do you play any games on Steam ?

This is a pretty cool and useful project if so: https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2017/...ndwidth-blues/
At the minute I'm not. I've never really been much in the gaming scene at all really tbh .. I have all ways been geared towards doing something interactive like setting up systems, doing installs, repairing, maintenance along with networking .. Gaming is not something I know much about. I've got a 750Ti running on a quad core with 6Gib of memory crunching for SETI but even then I'm not 100% on the latest hardware and what it would really take to get in too it such as FPS..

Being honest while were on the subject kman, I would love to own something like an xbox or playstation but I just cant take sitting their looking and interacting with a system on that level. I just feel as if I'm wasting away. I know that probably sounds quite dumb but the mind set of sitting their for even a couple of hours kills me. I think I find it quite boring tbh. I'm not sure. Never really thought about it.

I think its my energy drink addiction that pushes me to have such an active mind were PCs are concerned. I'm not much good at anything else. Yeah sure I can build a PC system, set up to a good extent the software and do a pretty good job as well to a certain degree a network installation. I'm pretty knowledgeable about Linux and to an extent under the hood can configure a lot to do with the likes of an Ubuntu based system but PC gaming, I probably don’t have the money as well to be honest for the likes of even something like a 1080Ti considering the 20xx are out.

kman if I posted a video of my set up and my home network you would see were I'm coming from, Its huge. I'm running x9 desktops x1 laptop and x3 servers along with easily because I have never measured over 200Metres of Ethernet. Multiple monitors and sound equipment along with also TV's routers switches and dedicated k&m for my servers. Not forgetting the satellite equipment.

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Default Re: What can I use Ubuntu Server for?

literally anything
I have about a dozen ubuntu 18.04 / 16.04 containers

You can try Docker on it.
Install Docker, Portainer, and then pull containers you want -- I currently have draw.io, plextogether, eclipseChe, and mailcow running in Docker on Ubuntu 18.04 (upgraded from 16.04)

else, for something simple.. A Minecraft server maybe?
or a cifs server
Or maybe a Plex or NextCloud server

Unless you have a specific reason for having it as a bare-metal server you're better of virtualizing it with Proxmox or VMWare or whatever

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