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Default New Babylon 5 movie

I just saw Babylon 5 :- The Lost Tales.

Firstly I would like to send the following letter to MJS......

Dear Michael J. Straczynski,
I would like to write you this simple letter to let you know that I have illegally downloaded your Babylon 5 : The Lost Tales movie from the internet.

... seriously.

I know that things have been tough for you with B5 over the last 10 years. However does not give you the right to slap the faces of all your loyal B5 my release a piece of crap. George Lucas can get away with that sort of **** with Star Wars. You on the other hand with Babylon 5 can not.

Please do not ever release a load of **** like this ever again. And good luck with the Silver Surfer movie in 2009

Thank you

-- Harper
YAWN!!!!!!!!!!! The movie was a 1 hour 12 minutes and 9 seconds reminder of why some people nick named the show Babble On 5. It was nothing but talk talk talk talk talk, and no action. For those people that have seen Babylon 5, you many remember that it was a dialogue heavy show. However it was always followed up by some kick *** action. Sadly, plenty of dialogue, not action.

It was pretty much split into 2 parts which were totally unrelated to each other. The first part had Colonel Elizabeth Lochley investaging on of her security staff as it seems to be that he is possessed by a devil. As for the second part, you have President John Sheridan heading coming to Babylon 5 to celibrate the 10 annaversay Interstellar Alliance. One the way, he encounter the technomage Galen who gives him a vision of the earth getting vaporised by the Centari Republic. He's then given a chance to stop this event by killing the young Centari who would be in the future responible for this event. Will Sheridan take one life in order to save billons of others?

If this is J. Michael Straczynski trying to respark interest the Babylon 5, he's going the wrong way about it.
Firstly, it only had 3 of the characters. John Sheridan, Colonel Elizabeth Lochley, Galen The Techno Mage. There was a scipt to include Michael Garibaldi. Eventually it was decided that there should be only two segments, however it was postponed for a later movie. That sucked, because Michael Garibaldi was really cool.
All of the other characters like Delenn, Londo and Garibaldi were only mentioned and that was about it. Heck, it would of been even nice to see a mention of Susan Ivanova, but that never happened.
I nice short explaination for what was suppose to happen to earth after season 1 of crusades.
There was a small tribute to both actors Andreas Katsulas who played G'Kar and actor Richard Biggs who playied Dr. Stephen Franklin as both have travelled "beyond the rim"*

The only good things about this movies is....
1. The higher budget for the CGI used.
2. The little hints in her and there about what has happened over the last 10 years in the B5 universe.
- the Interstellar Alliance has continued to grow with more alien races.
- Londo has become a rather a dark person now that he is emporier. (People who have seen Season 3 of the B5 will know why)
- The Mimbari has started to canabolise the left over Vorlon Technology as they now have new method of space travel call quantium space.
- And earth is no longer under quarantine from the B5:Call To Arms movie.
All these hints are much more interesting that the events that accualty happened in the movie.

After from that, the movie is the worst Babylon 5 movie ever!!!!! I can not believe that I was actually looking forward to this film.

Harper Rating : 1 out 5. Mainly because it's a slap in the face to all Babylon 5 fan.

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